Best Chalk Paint For Laminate Furniture

Laminate woods are man made which looks similar to the wood, the design of the wood is printed in a sheet and are then attached to the core material like MDF,

They are more specially made to resist heat and scratches and the laminate furniture are used in the place like hall where the furniture need is high since laminate furniture don’t need much maintenance like the real wood.

However if you get bored of the color of it if you need to repaint it using a chalk paint is one of the best option and it gives rich look to the laminate furniture,

I personally painted my dresser and other furniture made of laminate and i had tested few chalk paint and im going to share you the one which i feel best worked for me,

You can check it on amazon.

The first question that comes to people mind is,

Can you use chalk paint on laminate furniture? My answer is yes you can use, i had used it for my several clients and also for myself, it is very coset effective, so i recommend this to people who have less budget.

I Recommend This Chalk Paint For The Laminate Furniture

RUST-OLEUM ULTRA MATTE INTERIOR CHALKED PAINT is the one that i have used three times and i’m happy with the result and i will personally recommend it the people who ask me for the suggestions.

This chalk paint is especially good for the laminate furniture and the lifespan of this paint is higher than the other paints, usually people say the lifespan of the chalk paint is around 5 years and this is my 5th year and so far no issue with it, i will update after a year whether i see any issue or not.

What are the things that i love about this chalk paint

  • It has got the #1 bestseller rank on amazon in this category,
  • The cost of this paint is very low compared to the other ones in this category,
  • The best thing i love about it is it can not only be used on the laminate furniture but can also be used on the other materils like metal, wood, ceramics and canvas,
  • It gives vintage look to the furniture,
  • This doesn’s cause a bad odor,
  • Latex formula used in this paint helps to clean it easily with the soap,
  • It dries within 30 minutes and does not stick to the hand,
  • You can cover a large are with small amount of paint,
  • The application process is very easy,
  • It covers the furniture well with just one coating but more than one coating can be done and it is totally upto you,
  • The consistency of this paint is very thick and it can cover up the furniture in just one coating,
  • It doesn’t gives goopy look, which is most irritating thing that people get while painting especially when they are beginner,
  • There are 13 different colors available in this chalk paint and i love the linen white color which gives a vintage look to my furniture,
  • It is very easy to distress
  • It can easily change the dark colored furniture to light with just two coating,
  • Gives you a smooth finish with good coverage,
  • Just a little sanding is more than enough,
  • Rustoleum brand has a good reputation in the market,
  • Best for turning your old furniture into a new one,

What i don’t like about this product?

To be honest i have used different brands for both myself and to my clients, i didn’t find any big issues like the other brand chalk paints have.

What is the price of this chalk paint?

Price actually changes from color to color you can check the latest price of this paint on amazon

How to apply chalk paint on laminate furniture?

There are few steps involved in painting the laminate furniture with chalk paint,

  • Clean the furniture well with the water, and let it dry,
  • Since it is laminate wood there is no need to sand it, so you can skip this step but if you are going to paint the normal wood then you can sand it a little bit,
  • You can straight away apply the paint on the furniture,
  • leave it air dry for 2 to 3 hours,
  • If you are using the light color paint, do not use the sealer because it may leave a yellow tins on the furniture.

Can this be used on laminate floring?

Yes, this can also be used on the laminate flooring walls but make sure to give it 2 coats for the better finish.

Can i use this on a fabric chair?

Yes it can be used on a fabric chair but a proper waxing need to be done, but i don’t recommend it because there are specific paints for the fabric furnitures.

How do you make a distressed fininsh without sanding?

You can use sponge to achieve the distressed look without sanding the furniture.

What kind of brush do you use for chalk paint?

Using a natural pure bristle brush for the chalk paint will the best option, this brush does not leave brush streakes.

Will streaks go away when paint dries?

It does not go away when the paint dries but it does not look odd, and if you are a beginner i recommend you to use the roller instead of brush, which makes the process easy and does not cause any streaks.

Does 2 coats of chalk paint makes it darker?

In most of the cases 2 coating is highly recommended, it only adds volume and does not makes it darker since you are using the same shade, do not worry about it.

Is Chalk Paint supposed to look streaky?

The first coat of chalk paint may looks streaky but when you add further coats it may become smooth, also if you want to avoid the streaks use roller to paint your furniture.


This Rustoleum chalk paint is the best one that i highly recommend to my clients for their laminate furniture, it saves a lot of money and it gives a great result, i hope this article is helpful, thanks for reading and have a good day.

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