How To Repair Laminate Furniture – Problem Solving Guide From A – Z

Laminates are thin sheets that is glued to the material like particle board, MDF to make it look like a real wood and are mostly used for the decorative purposes, they are prefered by most of the designers including me,

I mostly recommend the laminate furniture to my clients where there is a high usage of furniture because they are cheap, and have a long life, because it has a long life that doesn’t mean it will not have any problems and in this article we are going to discuss the possible issues that can happen with the Laminate furniture and i’m going to give you the solution to that problem too,

Since it is a thin sheet, the first question that comes to your mind is,

Can you repair laminate furniture? My answer is yes, but i can tell you it is based on the problem it has, and the age of the furniture, few parts can be changed and few are not changeable, now i’m going to tell you the few problems in laminate furniture,

Here is the list,

  • Laminate peeling off from the MDF
  • Getting damaged to the water
  • Getting scratches
  • Over sanded laminate
  • Dents

How to fix peeling of laminate furniture?

If your table is made of laminate there is a chance of peeling from the wood or the MDF board, it get damaged when you touch it more and when you brush the table there is a high chance of peeling especially at the corners,

And if you have a laminate cabinet there is even more chance of getting peeled out of the door at the corners and this is normal because you will need to open and close the door very often,

When the cabinet is near the oven, the glues get loosen causing the laminate to peel off and in this case i suggest you to install an angle aluminium which is made for the corners of your laminate cabinets,

The one that i recommend from amazon is M-D Building Products Angle Aluminium, i personally used it for my cabinet and i’m happy with the quality.

angle aluminium for laminate cabinet
Angle Aluminium For Lanminate Cabinet

It doesn’t mean the laminate peel off only when it is near the oven, so when the laminate peel that is not near the oven, i just use the super glue to stick them back to the wood, the one that i use is Glue master’s super glue and you can buy it from amazon,

What i do is i will apply the glue uder the peeled laminate and use some masking tape to hold it in its position until the glue get dried, and then remove the tape, this has worked great for me.

How to fix water damaged bubbled laminate furniture?

The laminate furniture that are near the water can get damaged sooner than the lifespan of it, to be honest laminates are prone to water and i would never recommend it for the furniture that are near the water supply are,

But you are here because your furniture is already damaged to the water,

The treatment will definitely be based on the percentage of the damage,

If it is partally damaged:

If there is very little damage on the laminate it can be treated with a simple trick, and you will need an syrenge and a wood glue

Fill the syrenge with the wood glue and insert it into the damaged part and glue it,

Place a polythene paper on the filled area so that it does not stick to the weight,

Add some weight on the table and let it sit, and they will be sealed, make sure to fill all the bubbled area.

If it is fully damaged

If the laminate is fully damaged to the water, the only option is replacing it.

Step 1: First you need to remove the damaged laminate from the furniture,most of the damaged parts can be removed with your hand and use chisel to remove the rest,

Step 2: There are self adhesive laminate sheets available on amazon buy the one you like and stick it on the table,

The self adhesive laminate sheet that i recommend is Abyssaly self adhesive laminate, the above link is affiliate one.

Step 3: Make sure you covered all the area so that there are no dents and bubbles inside the sheet, finally the process is done.

How do you paint damaged laminate furniture?

  1. Make sure to glue the damaged areas as mentioned above,
  2. Buy chalk paint, apply it on the furrniture, i mostly recommend chalk paint for the laminate furniture to my clients.

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Fixing scratches on the laminate Furniture

Scratches makes the whole furniture look ugly, when you have kinds in your home scratches on furniture is very common, we can not stop them, we could only fix it,

There are wood finishes and wood filler available online,

  1. Take the fill stick and rub it on the scratched area,
  2. Remove the excess wood filler on top of the laminate,
  3. clear the area with a waste cloth,
  4. Spray the lacquer on top of the wood filler,
  5. Let it dry, you can not even find there was a scratch before, it gives a clear finish.

Here is my recommendation for

Wood Filler On Amazon

Lacquer Spray on Amazon

Fixing Dents

Dents are caused when a part of laminate does not stick with the MDF board, and this can be solved with just an iron box, yes you read it right, ironbox

  1. Heat your ironbox at a medium level, dont over heat it,
  2. Gently rub on the laminate that has dents in it,
  3. When you keep on rubbing the heat melts the glue inside it and make it stick to the board again,
  4. Ad some weight on it for few hours,

You have to be careful while you use the iron box, the over heat can cause damage to the laminate, so use a medium heat on it, and make sure to have an eye on it.

Fixing the over sanded laminate?

There is a chance of the laminate furniture being oversanded while you prepare them for painting in that case,

  • If the damage was small you can fix it by adding extra paint to it,
  • If the damage was bigger you could use the wood filler to fill the damaged areas, however it may not work like the one that i mentioned for the scratch but it will work to an extent.

How to care for laminate furniture?

  • Clean it with the cloth more often or whenever possible,
  • Make sure to keep them away from water,
  • Look for the small damages and fix them immediately before it becomes big,
  • Tell your children to not scratch them, but they won’t hear you i know LOL,
  • Apply a coat of wood finish whenever they start to get the dull look, the dull look indicates you that they need to be taken care.


I have covered almost all the problems that can occur on your laminate furniture and i had given the solution too, i hope this article helps you, we had closed the comments section because we are getting too many spam comments, if you have any doubt you can mail me at [email protected], thank you.