2 Simple Ways To Clean Your Laminate Cabinets And Furniture

Laminate cabinets and furniture are made in laminate because of their price and durablity, they are very low at price compard to the real wood and are extremely durable so they are used most widely,

When they are used in the kitchen they attract oils and dusts, when dusts are attracted to the oil they can not be cleaned easily, in this article i’m going to share you the most simple and effective methods that i use to clean my laminate cabinet and furniture for years,

There are two methods to clean the laminates, they are

  1. DIY method
  2. Cleaning with the Real cleaner

DIY Method

Ofcourse everyone likes the DIY method because they are inexpensive, and i love it too, out of these two methods i mentioned i like this method the most and i have seen a pretty good result,

1) Vinegar cleaner

Vinegar is the thing that we all have in out kitchen and they are not pricey too,

Things you will need

  • Vinegar
  • Water

How to clean

  1. Take equal amount of water and vinegar and mix them well,
  2. Take the mixture and spray it onto the laminate cabinet or any furniture that you want to clean, if you do not have the spray you can use your hand to do that work but make sure to cover all the places,
  3. Leave it for few minutes, let the stains and the oils get loosen from the cabinet,
  4. wipe it with the waste cloth,
  5. As a final step dip a piece of cloth into the water and wipe the laminate surface, now stain and the greasy oily things would have disappeared.

The one thing that i want to tell you is, the dishwashing liquid/soap had also done a good job for me, when i don’t have vinegar in my home and when i feel i want to clean the cabinet i have used the dishwashing liquid and got some good result,

Since they help to get rid of greasy and oily things from the plates they can do the similar thing to the cabinet also,

I had also used baking the baking soda,

  1. Mix the baking soda with water, make them to a fine paste,
  2. Scrub it on the laminate surface,
  3. Leave it for few minutes,
  4. Dip a cloth in the water and wipe out the baking soda from the surface,
  5. Clean it well without leaving the baking soda,
  6. Make sure to be gentle with it, don’t scrub it too much, and don’t use the hard brittle brush because it will definitely ruin the laminate surface.

Lemon is another option you can use to clean the laminate, mix lemon with the water and follow the same procedure as mentioned for the baking soda, but leave the mixture for just few minutes than the baking soda.

2) Using a factory made furniture cleaner

There are ready made furniture cleaner available online The one that i use is Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture cleaner, and you can buy it from amazon it works great for my laminate furniture, it is also being Amazon’s choice and it is cheap too,

How to use it

  1. Spray little bit of Rejuvenate cabinet cleaner on the laminate surface,
  2. Leave it for few mintures,
  3. Wipe the surface with the lukewarm water,
  4. The residues will be gone now,

This cleaner really helps to clean the laminate without any streaks.

The steps are same for all the cleaners both DIY and these factory made celaners but the waiting time may differ as i mentioned already.

Above mentioned are the two methods that can be used to clean the laminate cabinets and furniture.

How to make the your laminate cabinets shine?

Well, the above cleaning methods will only help to clean the furniture and if you want to make it shine there is another product you can use, i use this Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture restorer, The come with the microfiber glouse which you can use to apply the restorer to the cabinet or the furniture, it gives a great look to your old laminate cabinets,

Make sure to use atleast two coat to get the better result.

How do you protect the laminate cabinets

There are few things that you can do to protect your laminate cabinets being damaged,

  • Clean the dust that settles on the surface often, cleaning it often helps to reduce the greasy things that forms later,
  • Use the laminate polish to make it look newer and also it adds life to it,
  • Try to keep it away from water.


I had shown what i do to clean my laminate cabinet and the furniture, hope it helps, and if you have any doubt please contact me through mail at [email protected], thank you.

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