5 Ways to Keep Your Couch Cushions From Sinking

Few years back i bought a cushion for my living room, i enjoyed it, i started to use the cushion more since i loved it,

You know what,

After 3 to 4 months it started to sink and sagg, i was literally disappointed, my $1500 couch is no more comfortable for me,

I started to surf through the internet, try to catch the best possible solution to make my couch firm again,

In this article, i’m going to share you what are all the things in learnt to make the sagging couch firmer, i will also share which method i used to get it back to normal.

How to keep couch cushions from sinking

Simple but temporary method

The simplest and the easiest method i could show you is this, eventhough it is easy to do it is a temporary solution and you will need to do very often,

Whenever my pillow is flat i used to boost it by just hitting it with the hand, what i do is

I place the pillow vertically on the floor and hit it with the hand few times and i do it in the same way by keeping it horizontally, the same formula can be used for the couch cushions as well,

What happens here is when you use the couch for a long time the foam inside the cushion tends to shrink and stick together making the cushion saggy, and when you hit them with your hands they get loose and get separated making the cuhsion firmer again,

However this will work great on the cushions that are few months old, also you will need to do it often because the cushion may sagg again after few days.

Stuffing Polyfill or cloth pieces to the cushion

1) Adding polyfill

Therer are polyfill available online, you can buy it and stuff it to the cushions,

How to stuff it?

  1. Unzip the cushions from the couch,
  2. Stuff this polyfill under the existing foam, make sure to fill it under the foam not up of it because it may feel uncomfortable when you sit on the couch,
  3. Make sure to distribute the polyfill evenly on all places,
  4. Zip back the cushion inside the couch,
  5. The cushion will be firmer than before and will not be sinking now.

2) Adding piece of clothes

In the same way you stuffed polyfill to the cushion, you can add the waste clothes as well,

How to stuff it?

  1. Take some waste clothes and cut them into smaller pieces,
  2. If you further cut them into very tiny pieces you will not feel the hardness of the cloth,
  3. Unzip the cushion and stuff it under the foam as you did for the poly fill,
  4. Zip it again and you can see some good result with this method as well,

The reason i mentioned this method is becuse you won’t need to spend a single penny and also it is pretty good method.

Attaching plywood to the cushion

Adding a piece of plywood under the cushion will make it firmer and the cushion will not sink inside and it gives a sturdy feel while you sit on it,

How to do it?

  1. Measure the length and width of the cushion,
  2. Cut the plywood to the measured size, make sure the plywood is little bit smaller than the foam,
  3. Unzip the cushion, and place the plywood under foam,
  4. Zip it again and its done,
  5. If your back sofa cushion is sagging, do it the same way as mentioned for the bottom sofa.

One of the little disadvantage of this method is, your cushion may feel little stiffer than before.

Adding some blankets

Ya adding some blankets under the cushion or at back of the cushion will add little firmness to your couch,

Buying sagging sofa cushion support from online

There are some cushion support available online, the one that i recommend is Laminet sagging sofa cushion support, you can buy it now on amazon,

This method is same as i mentioned for plywood, i have heard that is it does not work great but it works good,

If you are ready spend some time in cutting resizing the plywood, then the plywood option is better than this.

What to do if the cuhsions are non removable?

Did you think i forgot about the non removable?

You can find the zipper under the botttom of the cushion, unzip it and you can add the replacement foam to it and zip it again, it’s done.


The method that i used is i bought the polyfill and filled it at the back of the cuhsion, mine is a removable cushion and it was easy for me to do it, the rest of the methods are i learnt from the internet, i have not used them but i know people that used these techniques,

If you have any doubt please contact me at [email protected], thank you for reading.