How To Spray Paint Laminate Furniture?

Things had become easy for people when the spray paint was invented, people do not want to go to the painter for even a simple painting projects like painting their small furniture, spray painting technique made the normal people like a pro painter so that they can DIY spray paint their own laminate furniture and any other types of furniture,

Laminate furitures are made of a thin laminate sheets which is attached to a pariticle board or MDF board to form a furniture that looks like a real wood, they are mostly made with a shiny finish, so that you may have a doubt,

Can you spray paint laminate furniture? Laminate furniture can be spray painted either with the spray gun or the single use spray paint that are available online, both works in the same way and they give you the similar finish.

What kind of paint do you use on laminate furniture?

I usually use two types of paint on the laminate furniture, one is the chalk paint and the other one is Latex paint,

Calk paint gives you a matte finish and the latex paint gives a smooth finish and is highly durable, today i have chosen the latex paint to coat on the laminate surface.

prepping laminate for painting

  • First thing first, take a waste cloth or if you have a old paint brush you can use it, clean all the dusts that are on the laminate furniture,
  • Wash the furniture with the water,
  • After that apply the krud kutter prepaint surface preparation(Amazon Link), it will remove all the grease, grime and the excess dust particles that does not comes off the furniture when you clean it,
  • After application clean the surface with the cloth to remove all the above mentioned waste particles.

How to spray paint laminate furniture ?

Painting the laminate is not a harder thing, but it is not like the other furniture because it is man made wood, so you have to be little careful when you paint it, here is the step by step guide on how to do it,

Step 1: Sanding

Sanding is more important in painting especially when you deal with the laminate furniture sanding is necessary to give the grip for the paint to hold the furniture, there is also a method paint the laminate without sanding but a little sanding will give a good result and helps the paint stay for a longer time,

Step 2: Applying primer

Add two coats of primer to the furniture, you can straight away paint the furniture without adding primer but when you apply primer it makes the process easier and also the furniture will mostly be covered at the first coat itself, make sure to apply the primer one day before you paint it,

Step 3: Applying Latex Paint

  • Prepare the spray paint gun, The one that i recommend is Home right power painter, you can buy it on Amazon,
  • Fill it with the paint, you can use the Rustoleum brand (Amazon Link), i like them very much and i’m using it for all of my projects
  • Apply the first coat gently on the laminate surfaces,
  • Make sure to cover the joints well, mostly beginers make this mistake while painting for the first time, the joints will not be covered like the flat surface so apply them more on the joints,
  • At the first coat most of the areas will be covered and if you need you can go for one more coat, but since you applied primer the second coat is not necessary.

How to spray paint laminate furniture without sanding?

You can paint it without sanding, the process is same as the above method, you can skip the sanding, but the thing is you will see the paint bubbles when you paint it, so it will not be as effective as the sanding method, i personally do not recommend painting without sanding it.

How do you paint over high gloss laminate furniture?

You can sand the high gloss laminate so that the primer adhere well to the furniture

Will acrylic paint stick to laminate? You can use acrylic top coat after painting your laminate to protect it from scratch and peeling off.

What is the cheapest way to paint laminate furniture?

The chepest way to paint the laminate furniture is using the chalk paint, you can use them directly on the lamiantes and they are very cheaper than the other paints.

Source: Classy clutter

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