2 Best Polish For Laminate Furniture To Make It Shine

When my lamiante furniture started to look dull after few months of using it, i started to look for the ways to make it shinier, regular claning with the soap liquid does only clean it, but making it shiny is entirely different process,

I used Furniture Restorer which contains wax in it to regain its shine, in this article i’m going to share you the polishes that i use and also gonna share you how to use it,

First we will see how to use the furnuture polish?

  1. First thing you need to do is, clean the laminate furniture well with the soap liquid we have an article on it, you can take a look at it if you want,
  2. Dip a small piece of cloth in a furniture polish,
  3. Rub on the furniture surface,
  4. Make sure to rub it on a circular direction to cover the gaps and all surface well,
  5. Use a buffing wheel on the rubbed areas, don’t use too much,
  6. Now all the cracks and scratches would have been covered and the furniture also will look shinier than before.

Now lets come to the main part, which one do i recommend,

Best polish for laminate furniture

Howard Wood Polish & Conditioner

The best one that i am using for a long time for myself and to my clients is Howard wood polish,

I have not choosed this wood polish randomly, when i was looking for a polish i saw with a highly positive reviews with high ratings, now it has around 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon with more than 9500 customer reviews,

They had combined wax and an oil to form a thick mixture which makes my laminate furniture shine and makes it look like a new one when i bought from the store,

I have been using it for years and liking it very much, whenever i renew a old furniture it feels like i have achieved something great, and thats why i’s doing this work for almost 9 years now,

Sorry i’m speaking about myself a lot,

Let’s come to the point,

Things that i love about this polish

  • Polishes my laminate furniture well, hiding all the scratches and cracks,
  • The conditioning oil that they used in it helps to keep the furniture from drying and fading, it really works great,
  • This polish will helps to get rid of water stains,
  • It bring back the original shine to your furniture,
  • It can be used on both wood furniture and wood floors,
  • You can even use this to polish your carrom board,
  • It keeps the wood cool and helps the furniture away from cracks,

Things that i don’t like

  • They are not made for the outdoor furniture, so avoid applying it on the outdoor furniture.

Is it food safe?

It is not food safe so using it in the bowls made of wood should be avoided, there are food safe polished available online, use one of those.

Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture Restorer

The second polish for laminate furniture that i recommed is Rejuvenate,

The coolest thing with this polish is, it comes with a microfiber gloves which you can use to apply the polish instead of using a cloth,

it works great on all the laminate furniture,

I have been testing this one for a while and getting great result as i get from the beeswax,

This product has an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 on amazon with more than 790 customer reviews and its being amazon’s choice as well,

Till now i have used it for around 15 of my clients and they are happy with the result like me,

The does exactly what Howarsd polish does and it give a shine and life to your old laminate furniture,

Things that i love about this product

  • It gives maximum shine to the furniture,
  • It comes with a microfiber gloves which makes the application process easier,
  • It prevents the furniture from scratches,
  • Just one coat cover all the area well and stands for few months,
  • Specially made for laminate furniture and is highly recommended,
  • Works great on furniture that loose its shine because of the sun,
  • Mild usage gives a great result for me and i’m sure it will be same for you too.

Things that i don’t like

As mentioned for the first one, this is also not made for the outdoor furniture, it will bring back the shine but once you use the furniture outside, it will face the same issue again.

Related Questions

Can you put furniture polish on laminate wood cabinet doors?

Since they are made for wood, they works almost on all the wood materials, it doesn’t matter whether it is chairs, tables or doors.

Final Thoughts

These two are the best polishes for the laminate furniture that i had tested myself and used it for my clients as well, not every polishes work well with the laminate sheets, i had tested many polished in my 9 year experience and forund these two were really helpful,

If you have any doubt regarding this you can contact me at [email protected],

Thanks for reading.