Can I Use Unicorn Spit On Laminate Furniture?

Unicorn spit is a gel stain that is used to paint the furniture in a different way than the usual paints, usually different colors of unicorn spits are spayed to give a diferent look, they have a different texture than the other paints.

Can i use unicorn spit on laminate furniture? unicorn spit can be used on glass, metal, concrete, fabric as well as the laminate furniture and countertops, it can work well with the glossy materials and since the laminate surface looks in the same way it can work well with the laminate furniture.

Should I sand laminate?

You need to sand the laminate furniture before you apply the unicorn spit, make sure to use the 220 sand paper and gently sand and dust all the laminate dusts before applying the unicorn spit.

Can you put unicorn SPiT over paint?

Yes unicorn spit can be used on the painted surface, you can paint your laminate furniture with chalk paint and apply the unicorn spit over it, when you do it in this way it will look brighter than painting on the normal surface of the furniture.

Do you have to seal unicorn SPiT?

Unicorn spit can be washed off with water because it is a water based paint, so it is important to seal it with any oil based top coat product,

I would suggest you to coat it with the products like lacquer, shellac which acts as a best sealent.

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