Are Couch Legs Necessary?

Couches/sofas are invented for the comfortness of the people and been in the list of important furniture for years, people spend most of their time on it and it is important to convert them as comfortable as you can,

Here comes the question,

Are couch legs necessary? Couch legs help you to keep them stable and clean and easily accessible, they help you to sit comfortably only when they have legs and if you remove the legs the cushions will be very low to the ground and make you uncomfortable so the couch legs are necessary.

Why are they necessary?

Easy to clean

Couches attract the dust particles not only couches but any products attract dusts and if there is no leg it will be very difficult to clean at the corners of the couch downside where most of the dust particles settle,

And if there is a leg the bottom of the couch will be above the ground level and so it can be easily vaccum cleaned.

Easy to wear and tear

When base of the sofa is placed on the floor they are easy to wear and tear because sofas with no legs do not sit on a place, they can be moved and they will be,

So when you keep on rubbing the couches to the floor there is a chance of the fabric or the leather get teared and the bottom of the couch will also get damaged,

Keep this in mind, the damage is for both couch and the floor.


When people needs to bend their legs to sit, they can’t comfortably sit for a long time,

When the couch legs are removed they enter into this comfort issues, especially for the elderly people, and people with the knee pain feel their pain more when they sit very low to the ground and it make their pain worse.

When the couch cushions sink

After the regular usage of the couch, the cushions will definitely start to sink this is common for any types of cushions that the couch use,

In this case you will feel very uncomfortable even if your couch have legs, and if it don’t have legs you will feel the discomfort to the core,

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Can you take the legs off a couch?

Yes the couch legs are mostly detachable, they can be removed and attached when necessary,

They are attacked to the couch with a screw and by removing the screws you can remove the legs, and you can even change the legs inorder to reduce or increase the height of the couch.

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How tall should sofa legs be?

The ideal height of the sofa legs is around 3 to 6 inches, and it really depends upon the comfort of the person, also if the cushion has sinking issue and you need to fix it, the leg size can go upto 6 inches, and it depends on how tall the person that is going to use the sofa/couch.

Are sofa legs universal?

No they aren’t, as i mentioned above, the sofa legs are available on different sizes and it depends on the need so it varies from place to place.

Situations to remove the couch legs

  • When the couch is bigger than the door and you can not bring them in, in this situation you can remove the legs which reduce the size of it so that you can easily bring them in,
  • When you need to increase or decrease the height of the couch, you can remove the legs and change it.

How do you put legs on a couch?

Here are the steps to follow, while adding legs to your couch,

  1. Flip the couch upside down,
  2. Mark the points to add the legs, if your couch is lengthier you can include an extra legs, it can go upto 8 legs when you add extra legs at the centre,
  3. Drill the marked points,
  4. Screw up the legs to the couch, the legs will already have screws attached to it.

Final Thought

Couch legs are really necessary, when you got bored of your couch, you can remove the legs and use it for a short period of time, you will feel the discomfort after few days, you can test it if yo need, but if you have a elder in your home, please do avoid it, it will destroy their comfort.