[User Guide]How To Turn My Futon Into A Couch?

Futons are very useful when guests comes to your home, they are used as a guest beds which gives your guest a good feel instead of making them sleep somewhere else or on the floor LOL, but what can be done with futons when your guest leaves your house,

Futons can be turned into a couch,


What else you need when a single product fulfills you two needs, they can be used as a couch when there is no one to use it as a bed, here is how you can turn it into a couch,

How to turn my futon into a couch?

There are two types of futons available Bifold and Trifold, i will teach you how to turn both into a couch,

Bifold Futon

Step 1: Lifting backrest

The bifold futons will be divided into two parts, hold the backrest of the futon and lift it upwards.

Step 2: Lock the backrest

After moving lifting the backrest to a desired position, lock the futon frame to the frame that you find at the bottom of the futon, there will be atleast two locking positions to use it in the position which you feel is more comfortable.

Step 3: Placing the mattress

Place the mattress on the futon, and press it at the middle where the futon is divided into half,

Make sure to press it on all the areas so that it sits evenly, the mattress doesn’t settle well if you are using it for the first time but it will be okay when you start using it.

Trifold futon

Step 1: Folding the third part

The trifold futon will have three parts and the third part is not necessary for using it as couch,

Lift the lower end of the middle fold and place the lower fold inside the second one, make sure it settles to its place, try to shake it to test whether it is settled.

Step 2: Lock the back rest to its position

Now lift the back rest and lock it in the comfortable position, as mentioned above, most of the futons will have 3 to 4 locking positions for the back rest, choose the comfortable one.

Step 3: Place the mattress

Place the futon mattress on the futon and fold it at the middle to make it look like a sofa, apply some extra pressure while you do it for the first time and now your futon is converted into a couch.

How to make a futon more like a couch?

Even though you can use your futon as a couch, it doesn’t exactly look like a real couch, so you can do some changes to make it look like a real one,

  • Some futons comes with armrest and some do not, choose the one without armrest only when you don’t have an option, when there is an armrest they looks more like a couch than the one that doesn’t have armrest,
  • Try to add covers for the armrest and the futon,
  • Place it near the wall so that people can not see the backside of the futon, it is easy to find a futon when they see the backside,
  • Place a coffee table so that it resembles the couch, also it hides it so that people don’t notice it unless they look deep into it.

By following these points you can make your futon exactly look like a couch and are comfortable to sit on.

Advatages of futon

  • It saves lot of space by fulfilling the needs of bed and the couch with a single product,
  • It saves money, because they are cheap as well as you need not buy bed and a couch separately,
  • They are less in weight than the couches and the beds so they are easy to move from one place to another.

Disadvantages of futon

  • They are very low to the ground, only few futons are higher, so it is tough to use them without mattress when they are used as a couch,
  • There is a chance of the futon mechanism collapse when you lean back and give your full weight, but the percentage of chance is very minimal,
  • The mattress will keep on sliding.

Final Thought

Having a futon is awesome, even though they can not give the comfort that couches give, but they gives a good comfort, and are very easy to use, some futon comes with a caster wheel which makes it easy to move, and can be moved by a single person, there is no need of looking for a help to move it.