5 Best And Easy Ways To Stay Cool On A Leather Couch?

Leather couches are chosen because they are very durable and live longer than the fabric couches,

Not only that, they are easy to use and clean as well, but what about the comfort when compared to the fabric sofa?

They are as comfortable as the fabric couches but coming to the heat now,

Are leather couches hot in summer? leather couches often absorbs the body heat and the atmospheric heat and become hot in summer and make you feel a little bit hot in the winter as well, making you hot in the winter is an advantage of leather, on the other side it becomes a disadvantage in the summer.

Leather couch make you feel hot and make you sweat in the summer which is annoying, in this article we are gonna show you the 4 best and easy ways to keep your couch cool in the summer season,

How to stay cool on a leather couch

1) Maintaining the room temperature

Maintaining the room temperature is the one way to keep your leather couch cool and make you not feel the heat during the summer days when you sit or even sleep on it,

Here comes the important part, how to maintain the room temperature,

Here are two ways,

Method 1 : Adding Air conditioner

The first way is installing an air conditioner or even an air cooler will keep your room cool which helps the leather couch to be cool, this is very costly process and are not a good suggestion for the low class people,

Method 2: Adding double exhaust fan

The second way is using a double exhaust fan at the windows will make the process easier and it is very affordable too,

I did this experiment myself and got a good result, what i did was i fitted one exhaust fan in the usual direction inside the house and fitted another fan in the opposite direction on the outside of the window,

The exhaust fan inside blow away the hot air from the room outside and the outer exhaust fan pushes the coolest atmospheric air inside so the room temperature is balanced now and it makes the leather couch cool in the summer,

The only disadvantage of this method is it brings in the dust from outside.

2) Choosing a light colored leather

In general light colors reflects the heat and dark colors absorbs the heat, so choosing a light colored leather might save you a little bit,

Choosing the light colored leather will not make the couch completely cool, but you can experience the difference between the dark colored couch and light colored couch in terms of color difference.

3) Keeping it away from the sun

Exposing the leather couch to the sun not only damage it but also makes it hot in the summer days so try to avoid it keeping straight to the doorway or the windows where the sun enters in,

At least try to add curtains to the windows and the door so that it protect your leather couch from the sun.

4) Adding blankets on the couch

Add a towel or a blanket on the leather couch before you sit or even sleep on it, as mentioned already the fabric absorbs less heat than the leather,

Or add fabric couch cover in the summer time and remove it during the winter to get some hot sleep.

5) Wearing a cotton dress may help

While you lie on the leather couch, don’t lie on it with your naked body, wear a cotton shirt or a T-Shirt so that your sweat does not reach the couch, which helps you to stay away from the sweat mess.

Final Thought

These are the best methods to keep you cool on the leather couch, and prevent you from the sweat mess issue, i have implemented few of this techniques and got a good result and i hope you will benefit too, thanks for reading.

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