Can You Use A Console Table As A Tv Stand?

A console table is mostly used for the decorative purposes, or in the narrow places that don’t have much space like living room,

Since they are less wide, they are placed against the wall, there are also other purposes that the console table be used for but,

Can a conslole table hold a tv? Since they are wide, they can hold the tv and ofcourse they can be used as a tv stand, but there are few things to be considered before deciding to use your console table as a stand, they are as follows,

Width and Length

This is the most important thing to consider, the standard width of a console table is between 14″ and 18″ , the old televisions were very wider than this so but nowadays the televisions has slimed down a lot, so the width is not an issue here,

When it comes to the length, the average length of a console table is around 30″ long, there are console tables upto 50″ but 30″ is the most commonly used, and the television that are lengthier than that can not fit into the table, so please look for the measurement before you buy or take the measurement if you already have one before shifting your tv.

Drawer for the DVD player and Home Theater

Usually console table comes with drawers and racks, dvd player and home theater are essential for a tv, more than dvd player home theater is most essential for the tv, so there has to be a drawer space for the home theater, plan the right placement for your home theater.