Best Polycarbonate Chair Mat For Carpet

When you keep on sliding your chair on the carpet, especially the office chairs, the caster wheels can damage the hard floors as well as the carpet, inorder to protect the carpet and the hard floors from such a damage, i use poly carbonate chair mats,

Polycarbonate mats are sturdy so that they won’t sink into the carpet, they are usually transparent so that they wont hide the beautiful carpet and the floor as well,

I have made a list of the best ones, Here it is

Best polycarbonate chair mat for carpet

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1) AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Carpet Chair Floor Mat with Lip

This floor mat is best suitable for the hard floors like hardwood, vinyle, laminate, stone, tile, and concrete floors, it can be used in all these floors with same comfort,

This mat comes in two different feature, with and without lip.

Its ergonomic based gliding surface makes the movement of chairs with castor wheels easy, giving less work to your legs,

Coming to safety, it is slip and scuff resistant, the corners have rounded edges so that it won’t hurt your legs if you accidentally hit it,

It also comes with one year limited warranty.

2) Gorilla Grip Premium Polycarbonate Studded Chair Mat for Carpeted Floor

It is made of 100% polycarbonate, and it is best suitable for the carpeted floors,

The 3mm thick mat is sturdy enough to hold you with the chair and it won’t sink so that the sliding will be very easy and smooth,

Some people doesn’t like the carpets hiding the beautiful floor, this transparent chair mat keep the floor visible and add extra beautiful look to the floor,

The little spikes at the bottom of mat keeps the mat from moving.

3) Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors

This 100% polycarbonate made mat protects the carpets from everyday wear and tear, it is sturdy and strong enough to hold the chairs for years,

The gripping technique used in it has a high quality grip that does not allow the mat to slide through the floor and makes it stay in one place,

Since it is sturdy, it won’t bend or break easily, and the caster wheels doesn’t sink inside the carpet.

4) Floortex Polycarbonate Chair Mat

This sturdy polycarbonate mat protect the hard floors like hardwood, vinyl floors from being damaged, it also protect the carpets being damaged because of the movement of caster wheels,

It is 100% recyclable, this is free from toxic which makes it safer for the children and the pets,

It has grip on its back which is helpful for the stability of the mat.

Final Thought

Carpets and the hard floors are costly and the hardfloor is not an easy thing to replace, so in order to protect it your need to make some measurements like buying a cair mats, so i decided to show you the best ones, i have used few of these and few are included into the list by a thorough research, you can buy them without any second thought, if you ask me which is best between polycarbonate and tempered glass mat, i would tell you temepered glass is the best but in polycarbonate mats these are the best ones, so if you have decided to buy the polycarbonate one then the above ones are the best.