5 Ways To Use A Console Table, What Are They?

A console table is a table that is supported by the bracket unlike the normal table that has four legs, they are generally used for the decorative purposes, and they always stands against the wall,

Other than for decorating, console table can be utilized or used in different other ways as well, in this article we will discuss deep about it.

What is console table used for

1) As a tv stand

This one of the best ideas, of using console table in a different ways, i have even written a separate article for using console table as a tv stand,

Yes, they can be used as tv stand, there are some requirements for tv like length, there has to be a rack for placing home theater, dvd player,

If these requirements were met, console table can be used as a tv stand.

2) In bedroom

Can it be used in bedroom? Yes it can be used in your bedroom, you can use it as a makeup table, place all your makeup accessories on top of the table, it would be great if you place a vanity mirror with lights around it on top of the console table,

You can even place the unused items or ornaments inside the drawers of it.

3) As a dining table

They can even be used as a dining table, the items to be served can be placed under the racks,

but since the width of the table is very small, there is a chance of messing up, you have to be careful handling the food items,

I would recommend it only if you don’t have dining table

4) As a study desk for children

They are perfect size for and shape to be used as a study table for children, since child are small the decreased width of the console table won’t be a problem for them,

The drawers can be used to place their notebooks and even their school bags, there won’t be a need of buying separate table for them, it’s basically a money saver idea.

5) As an ironing table

This might not be the best idea, but if you don’t have a separate table for ironing your clothes, you can consider using console table for that purpose,

But this is a difficult one since the width is very less compared to the normal table, i wouldn’t recommend it unless you don’t have other options.

Final thought

Console table gives a premium look to the house, it is basically an attention seeker for the guest visiting your house, however if you feel it is boring to see the console table in just one place or if there is a need for any of the above mentioned alternatives, you can definitely use it.

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