[Ultimate Buying Guide] Best time to buy patio furniture!

Furniture is the one thing that we don’t buy often and its costly too,

So spending a little amount of time in research will save your money, also help you reach the right place and buy the right one.

Before you buy, you need to consider a lot of things like price, lifetime, warranty, design..

We all love to spend our time with our family outside our house in the summer days specially at the night time, funny and heart filling dinner with the family will be added to the list of our golden memories,

We all live for these kinds of happiest things, so patio or garden furniture is a part of the family and its essential too.

When is the best time to buy patio furniture?

The experts says the best time to buy patio/garden furniture is August to october, some says august is the right month and some says september is the right time, taking all things into account August to october is the right time to buy the patio furniture,

The reason is August is the end of Season, since patio furnitures are seasonal they had to be sold before the season ends or else they had to be kept until next year,

eventhough they are kept for a year, new models and new designs will be arrived by the next year so they can not sell the old items for a bigger price, they need to sell it right now, so considering August to october will save you lot of money in outdoor furnitures.

That to waiting till october will save you more than 75% percentage of money that you need to spend normally.

There are two things to be considered while buying a patio furniture,

  1. Money
  2. Discount


Some people wanna enjoy the season and don’t care about the money, if you are that kind of person, then you need to buy the patio furniture at the season itself.

But one tip, i could give you is,

People are gonna look for the new model, and if model isn’t a problem for you then buy the old one or a discontinued model and it’s gonna save you some money there.


I think people like me are of second type LOL..

Buying the patio furniture at late summer is the best option for us as explained above,

The only problem in choosing the late summer is we could not enjoy the summer, but that’s not a big deal, lets think we have bought it in advance for the next summer LOL.

Best place to buy patio furniture at lowest price

The Biggest online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Macy’s offer a biggest discounts of upto 75% off in their 4th of july sales, they are the best place to buy the patio furniture online and 4th of july is considered as another best time to buy the outdoor furnitures.


best time to buy patio furniture at target and costco

The employee of the costco in businessinsider interview said Monday and the Weekdays morning are quiet and end of summer is the best time to buy outdoor furniture.


The logic behind the best time to buy patio furniture is simple, when people don’t want to buy the outdoor furniture, there is gonna be more discount, and if you are on a tight budget and don’t wanna spend more on this, buy it at the end of summer, you can save your money.

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