Everything You Need To Know About Coir Mattress – What Is It?

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Mattress is a place where the day ends and starts a fresh new day, so it is important to keep the bed more comfort inorder to make your body Rest In Peace LOL..

There few types of mattress and one among those is coir mattress,

What is coir mattress?

Coir mattress is nothing but the mattress that is made from the coconut coir fibre treated with the latex solution to form the perfect mattress.

Are coir mattresses Good?

Since the coir mattresses are made with the Coconut coir fibres, they have lot of air gaps which makes it easier for the mattress to be kept ventillated and it absorbs less heat than the other mattresses so it is good for the body,

Since the coir mattress is denser than the foam or the spring mattresses, it gives a perfect back support which other mattress types lacks in it.

Is Coir Mattress Better Than Foam?

As mentioned above the coir mattress is better in ventillation while the foam mattress is best in the sponginess, both are good in some specifications, it all depends on the need of the person.

Is Coir mattress Good For Back Pain?

Yes, as already mentioned above the coir mattress are denser than the other ones, so it gives a good position for your back which leads to reduced back pain.

Is Coir Mattress Good For Summer?

Again as mentioned above the coir mattress has lot of air gaps which leads to better ventilation which further leads to reduced heat, and is absolutely suitable for the summer seasons.

Best Coir Mattress On Amazon

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