[Video Guide] How to fix a broken Recliner Handle?

Recliners are made for reclining that helps you to have a comfortable seating, usually the the handles are used to make the recliners to recline,

if the handle is struck or broken, it doesn’t allow the recliner to serve its purpose so you need to replace the handle to fix the issue,

There are 3 types of Recliner handles,

  1. Flapper style Recliner handle
  2. Old style lever handle
  3. D-Ring style pull handle

In this article we are going to guide you to fix the handle yourself at home without spending the money for the repair.

Video guide to fix the Recliner handles

1) Flapper style Recliner handle

This type of handle is used in most of the Recliners nowadays, it is very easy to be fixed

How to replace it?

  1. You can see two screws on top and bottom of the broken handle remove those with the screw driver,
  2. Take the handle away from the recliner,
  3. You can see a clip that holds the cab le and the handle, squeeze the clip and seperate the handle and cable,
  4. Take the new handle and remove the clip as explained in the above step,
  5. Now place the cable in the new handle and lock it with the holding clip,
  6. Place the handle inside its respective place and tight it with the screws, the handle is fixed now.

2) Old style lever handle

As the heading indicates it is old style handle, mostly the lazy boy recliners use this type of handle,

Before you buy this handle, there are two models in this type of handle,

Old Model

Recliner lever handle old model

New Model

Recliner lever handle new model

Remove the broken handle and check out its model before you order.

How to Replace it?

This handle has less work to to fix it than the other handles, the steps involved are,

  1. Remove the screw on top of the handle,
  2. plug the handle out of the recliner,
  3. insert the new one in the same place,
  4. tight the handle with the screw, it has only one screw so it is easy to fix by yourself.

3) D-Ring style pull handle

The last type is D-Ring style pull handle, these are mostly used in the Reclining sofas than the chairs.

unlike other handles you need to change the whole mechanism with the cable,

Before buying the handle check whether the handle has turn spring at the end of the cable,

also check the the length of the cable, read the description thoroughly before you order it online.

How to fix it?

  1. Turn the recliner upside down so that you can see the bottom of the recliner,
  2. pull the bottom of the cable from the mechanism as shown in the video,
  3. Remove the older cable, remove all its screws and take it away form the recliner,
  4. Now insert the end of the cable into the mechanism so that it holds the cable and the handle,
  5. fix the screws and its done.

This model of handle may be little confusing at the beginning but it is not that hard to do it.

Final words

Most parts of the recliners are easy to be replaced by yourself but as they are costly you need to take some extra care while you fix the handle of the recliners.

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