7 Different ways to raise the height of your couch – How to do?

Couches plays a major role in the family, they always stay with us while watching tv, chatting with friends or family, some people even use it for sleeping, we spend most of our time on them.

Height of the furniture needs to be adjusted in three cases,

  1. Sometimes the height of the couch doesn’t fit a particular person who mostly uses it, so it is necessary to increase the height of it to fulfill the comfortability of him,
  2. Or elder age people struggle to get up from the couch because of knee problems, in this case also it is necessary to increase the height to make it comfortable for them.
  3. The older couches seems to drop its height after a loger usage due to the load it bears, which makes it uncomfortable to sit, adding a height will regain its older position or even better than that.

People look for carpenters to do it, instead you can do some little changes to adjust the height by yourself,

But in this article we are going to see both the methods, which can be done by yourself and some methods with the help of carpenters,

here we have listed few of the ideas that we have learnt,

How To Raise Couch Height?

1) Changing The Legs Of The Couch

Couches with legs

The first method that everyone will tell you is changing the legs of the couch,

Some of the couches will have legs fitted with the screws, if your’s is of this kind you can easily remove it with the screw driver and take one of the legs to the carpenter and ask him to make the longer one with without changing the dimensions,

Fix it into couch in the same way as you removed it.

Couches without legs

Some couches does not come with legs, if yours is in this category then it is easier than the above one you won’t need the help of the carpenter,

There are readymade legs available on the online stores,

Buy the one with height of your need,

For example, i have taken the above legs, they comes with screw attached inside the wooden leg, and a mounting plate and screws,

Fix the mounting plate onto the couch and drive in the wooden legs into the mount, the work is done, its that easy to do.

you can use this same legs for the couch that comes with attached legs but getting one with same dimension is little harder.

2) Adding Heavy Duty Caster Wheels To The Legs

The cool thing about adding caster wheels is, it becomes easy to move anywhere inside your house, there won’t be a need of two persons to move it, and the additional thing it do is, adds height to your couch,

If the height of the caster wheel is not enough, buy the above mentioned legs and fit these casters on that legs and it will add more height to it.

One disadvantage of adding castor wheel is it may move the couch a little when you sit on it, but handling it softer can be ok, also the weight of the couch will make it to stay on the place, so this little minus can be neglected.

Finding one that comes with lock can help.

3) Adding Storage Box Under Couch

Another method is adding a storage box made in wood,

Measure the length and width of the couch and make a wooden storage box and fix it under the couch, it can be used for both storage purpose and also it adds height to the couch

4) Adding Extra Cushions

If you are using the couch for a longer time, there is a high chance of the springs loose its stiffness and it will take you down while you sit,

Adding the extra cushions on top of the old one helps to increase the height and get back to its older position as it was at the beginning.

measure the length and width of the cussion and order the tailor made cussion and place it on top of the old one.

5) Adding Furniture Risers

This is the simple and easiest method of all mentioned above, these bed raisers are very cheap and are available online and are available in different shapes and sizes.

Before you buy one, measure the diameter of the couch’s leg, and buy the bed raiser and insert below the legs.

The advantage of this method is, it is very easy to do, and the raisers can be removed whenever it is not necessary.

6) Adding wooden pieces

If you want to still reduce the cost, go to a saw mill, and look for the waste wooden pieces of same height, and buy 4 pieces, the cost is gonna be very less or 0 cost sometimes,

Ask the carpenter to make a small holes in every pieces to fit the legs of the couch, and place it on the wooden pieces,

this looks similar to bed raisers but with less cost than that.

7) Adding a separate platform for the couch

If there is a separate platform in your living room that is taller than the floor, you can use that to raise the height of the couch,

Or if there isn’t one, you can build it, it not only add height, it also gives a unique look to your couch.

This is not a very good method, but this is just to inform you this is also one of the methods.

Final Thoughts

The above mentioned methods are the best ones, you can use the one that is convenient for you and this is how you can increase the height of your couch.

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