How To Remove Dresser Drawer With Metal Slide (Glide)

Metal glides are the most commonly used tool to open and close the drawers of dresser, table etc,

If you want to remove the drawer out of the dresser for any reason, may be you wanna sit and search for some things inside the drawer, and when you try to to remove it you won’t be able to remove it or you will end up damaging the glides,

Since the ball bearings inside the metal glide are easy to slide there is a chance of the drawer being fall down, so in order to prevent it falling down, there are some mechanical parts being inserted into it, so that it won’t open after a particular length,

In this article i will show you how to remove the dresser drawer with center metal slide,

Step 1 – Pull the drawer as long as you can

The first thing you need to do is pull the drawer outside as long as it reaches the end point, when it can not slide more than that leave it, this is the exact point.

Step 2 – Press the lever that you find in the glide

At the center of the metal glide you would be able to spot a lever as you see in the above image, these are the ones that is locking the slide of drawer further,

There are two types of levers one is straight as you see in the above image and the other is curved at the edge, don’t worry both has the similar work function,

In few levers you have to press one lever downside and the other lever on the opposite direction, but in few levers you can press the both levers on the same direction.

Step 3 – Remove the drawer

After pressing the lever, you can straight away remove the drawer from the glide,

The insertion process is pretty simple and straight forward, you need to place the slide on the track and you just need to push the drawer all the way to the end, you will need to open and close the drawer few times until it sits into the glide completely.

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