Can I Put A Dresser Or Any Other Furniture In Front Of A Baseboard Heater? – How To Protect It?

Baseboard heaters are basically a heater that heat a particular room or the whole house in order to make the cold house hot, they are generally fixed under the windows and make the air hot that are coming through the window,

Since the heat that comes from the baseboard heater will be higher than the other places because they were not split to the whole room yet,

Now comes the question,

Can i put a dresser in front of a baseboard heater? The baseboard heaters need a lot of heat inorder to heat the room, so they can easily reach even 150 degree while they are running so there is a high risk of burning sensation, since they produce a lot of heat they are not safe for the dressers and any other furniture, there is a high chance of laminates or any other material peeling off due to high heat, it may peel off the paint even in the solid wood furniture, if the dresser is made of hard wood or any other cheap woods the risk is more, so it is not advised to place your dresser near the baseboard heater, but if you don’t have any other options make sure there is atleast a 12 inches gap between the furniture and the heater.

Now we know that baseboard heaters can cause damage to the furniture, the next thing that comes to our mind is, isn’t there a solution or safety precautions to safeguard the dressers and even the people from being hurt,

A solution to any problem have problems and every problem have solution, lol isn’t it confusing,

There are solutions to this problem thats what i said above,

How to protect furniture from baseboard heater?

Covering the baseboard heater

There are covers for the baseboard heater, make sure to always use it while the heater is running, baseboard heaters run both in electricity and water, the steam that comes from the water based heater can damage the wood, so adding a cover can stop the steam directly hitting the wood.

You can also purchase the decorative heater covers for an extra safe environment.

You can check these covers,

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Replacing the furniture that adopts the heat environment

The furniture other than wood like, the ones that are made of steel or similar material can withstand the heat that is produced by the baseboard heater, so make sure to buy the furniture made of these materials after installing the heater, but if you already have the wooden furniture you can follow the above methods to protect it.

Positioning the furniture

Other than the reason that you don’t have any other options, do not place the furniture behind the baseboard heater, make sure they are far away form it, when the heat keep on circulating under the furniture, there is a high chance of it being damaged.

Applying varnish, and insulation materials

Applying an extra coat of varnish can reduce the damage further, also installing the insulation material over the furniture legs can help from heat damage.

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