All Types Of Best Rated White Dressers – Ultimate Buying Guide

White dressers suits almost all the floor designs and color, the look more attractive than the other color dressers,

They gives premium look to your house, whether your living room or bedroom it doesn’t matter it makes your home more stylish without adding i any other things,

I had got a complement from lot of my guests when they see my white dresser with nightstand in my living room,

In this article i’m gonna show you the best rated white dressers of various types and fulfilling different needs of you, so stay tuned lets start reviewing it,

Disclaimer – I have not arranged these products in any particular orders.

Best rated white dressers

1) Tall white dresser with contemporary style

This tall dresser has 6 drawers which gives a more storage options to store all the clothes and even important files and documents in it,

If you have a small space and you don’t have option to place a bigger space filling dressers, then this would be the greatest option for you,

The contemporary style gives modern look to your modern house, it merges well with other modern furniture as well,

It is built from CARB-2 compliant, and laminated composite wood with sturdy MDF backer,

The knobs of the drawers are painted with acrylic paint with crystal finish

2) Distressed white dresser

Distressing is a design where the whole dresser is finished and painted and then to make it look older, the dresser is rubbed with the sand paper and even adding different colors of paint can help you attain the same look, but i don’t know why some people likes this design, but i don’t

This chipped white paint and distressed brown wood top is looks great for the distressed furniture lovers,

This dresser is made by the combination of wood, veneer and engineered wood with 7 smooth gliding dovetailed drawers,

Top of the dresser is made with oak veneer and the cases are made with birch veneer and hardwood, this combination makes it more strong and sturdy,

3) White kids dresser

Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser, White

Some people might even think do children need a dresser?

Their cloths and things can be kept along with your dresser, but it is better to have a separate dresser for them, not only for keeping their dresses, their other important things like books and any other school related things can be kept in there,

This dresser is made of sturdy wood and it’s white color is pleasant and merge well with the children taste and room style,

It has 6 drawers which is more than enough all their things in a single dresser,

To ensure the safety of the nursery it is engineered and tested to meet the ASTM furniture standard,

The quality of this materials used in this is really high and they are worth for the money you spend.

4) Small white dresser

Tvilum Portland 3 Drawer Dresser

This contemporary style 3 drawer dresser is made of PEFC certified sustainable wood,

This dresser is free from harmful substances like PVC and lead, so it is extremely safe to use, if you have children at home this will definitely ensure their safety,

If you are living in a small appartment, this dresser would fit best in it, this also comes under the space saver category,

The whole product is sturdy only the issue i have is the boards inside is little weak, so if you put a lot of things in it, there is a chance of breakage,

It is worth the money you spend, if you need a small dresser, i will definitely recommend you to buy this.

5) Whiter dresser with mirror

Roundhill Furniture Sanlo Wooden dresser with vanity mirror

If you are looking for a dresser that has vanity mirror in it, then this would be the best fit for you,

It has three foldable mirror and 4 drawers, the mirror can be closed while it is not in use,

It also comes with a sturdy stool with smooth fabric cushion on top of it,

This antique looking dresser gives your home a classic look, if you are a lover of antique furniture, then you will definitely love this dressing table,

The white color is very pleasing to see.

6) White cottage dresser

DaVinci Fairway 6 Drawer Double Dresser in Cottage White

This cottage styled white dresser is beautiful looking and has 6 drawers which has lot of space to store all your clothes and it is very large in size,

If you are a kind of person who has lot of clothes and doesn’t have a better place to organize it, then this one is for you,

The drawer glides are very smooth and are very lite to operate, they can be opened without giving an extra force,

It is made of pine wood and TSCA compliant engineered wood which are safe for your baby, It also has auto stop mechanism and anti tip it to ensure the extra safety,

If you have a baby in your house you should definitely consider this one and the above one that i mentioned, if you consider safety a lot, then no other dresser can be better than this for you, you can blindly buy it.

7) Pink and white plastic dresser

Nafenai Plastic Pink And White Dresser with 6 Drawers

If you are looking for a plastic dresser, you can check out this one, The dresser sides are in white color and the drawer is in pink color which gives a pleasant look to your eyes,

It is made of high grade pp plastic, this material is safe for the environment,

It us durable, stable, lightweight and waterproof,

There is a tray on top of the dresser which prevents the products on top of it to from falling,

It also has 2 lockable drawers where you can store some important things,

There is also drawer stops to prevent the drawer from falling down from the dresser,

What else you need, everything is there in this, this is better than every other drawers other than that it is made of plastic, it is cheaper than the wooden dressers and if you are looking for the plastic made dressers, this should be the great choice for you.

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