Using Shoe Polish On Leather Furniture – Does It Work?

When you feel leather dye is costly and when you have a shoe polish that you use on your leather shoes, your mind may say use the shoe polish for the couch, but you can not ignore your mind saying can i use it?

We are going to give you the best answer possible for this question.

Can i use shoe polish on leather furniture? There are two types of shoe polishes, the one that contain high amount of wax and the other one that contains less amount of wax, the one which contains more amount of wax is absorbed by the leather and does not stick to the human skin and cloth on the other side the one that contains less amount of wax will definitely mess up with your clothes.

Ingredients of shoe polish

There are genrally 3 types of shoe polishes,

1) Wax based

Wax based shoe polish is made of 20% to 40% of waxes (carnauba, montan and synthetic waxes), and 70% of solvents, the dyes used in it is only 2-3%, the solvents will be evaporated after you apply it.

2) Cream based

The cream based shoe polish is made of carnauba, bees wax and montan wax, and unlike the wax based shoe polish this contain more water, so the liquid content is more in these types of waxes.

3) Liquid based

The liquid based shoe polish contain very less amount of wax and contain lot of water.

Which one is best for the leather furniture

As mentioned earlier the wax based polish will give you a good result and also does not stain your cloth, the other two types of polish contain liquid more than the wax so, it is not adviced to use it on your leather furniture,

That too the liquid based polish can make your leather dry and make it crack, so you should completely avoid using it.

How well it dyes?

It can work as great as the leather couch polish, it can remove the scuff and scratch marks and it can dye your couch well and gives it a life, but all these happens only when you choose the right one and right amount of polish.

How to apply shoe polish to the leather furniture?

  • Dust your furniture well with a piece of cloth and clean it well,
  • Take the wax based shoe polish and apply it on the leather,
  • Make sure to cover all the are that is dull and lifeless,
  • Let it air dry, and you are good to use it.

What to do if i accidentally used the shoe polish that contains less wax?

If you have used the cream or liquid based shoe polish, The first step you need to do is,

  • Buff the applied area with a cloth until the polish does not stick to the cloth, if the polish does not stick to the towel it means it had came off from the furniture, but still it can stay there,
  • The second step is clean it with the soap solution if possible,
  • If cleaning with detergent and water is not possible, just do the first step and cover it with an unused bedsheet so that the polish does not stain your cloth when you sit on it, make sure you do not remove the bedsheet until the furniture get rid of the polish totally.


  • This method of applying shoe polish will work only on the leather surfaces that looks dull and if there is a missing leather on the furniture this method will not work, there are leather patches available you can use that to fix the missing leather,
  • This will not be as effective as the leather dye because both are made up of different ingredients.

Final thoughts

Using the shoe polish for the shoe will be the best choice and using the leather dye will be best for leather, if you really can’t afford the leather dye then go for this method otherwise i will not recommend you to do this.

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