Does Heating Pad Hurt Leather?

If you are using the heating pad to keep you warm in the winter or if you are thinking of buying one, then this question definitely strikes your mind,

Can a heating pad damage leather?

Answer to this question is yes and no, but the direct answer is yes, and now let me explain the indirect one, if the heating pad is left on for a longer time on your leather couch or any other leather furniture or the heat setting is on high level it can cause damage to the leather, but when it is used for little amount of time, it won’t cause much damage.

What kind of damage does heating pad do to leather?

When the heating pad is left for a long time it causes steam and water vapours to develop inside the leather and start to attack the leather fibers, and once the heating pad is removed the leather start to cool and make the leather hard and brittle and may cause cracks in it, and also discolor the leather and harden the area where the heat caused damage.

How to prevent heating pad damaging the leather furniture?

There are few preventive measures that you can take to prevent the leather being damaged by the heating pad, they are as follows,

  • There are soft heating pads available with auto shut off options, when it reaches a certain level of heat it will shut off automatically so that the chance of it being damaged is very minimal, i found a best heating pad with auto shutoff on Amazon you can check it here. , You can also use the minimum heat option when using it on the furniture so that it won’t cause any damage,
  • before putting the pad on leather, put a blanket on leather and put the pad on the blanket, now it is not in direct contact with the leather furniture so that the damage is going to be very minimal,
  • The heating pad is designed to put on the human body not on the leather so instead of putting it on the leather, you can put it on your body so that it does not contact the furniture and ruin it.

Final Thoughts

Yes, the leather furnitures are prone to heat but it can be neglected when you use the heating pad in a right way and for the recommended amount of time, consider the tips that i mentioned above and be hot in the winter.

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