Is power recliner better than manual one?

Recliners are awesome when it comes to taking a rest in between your work or at any time,

If you are working in front of a computer and you wanna take rest for few minutes, recliner is the best thing to consider,

If you have taken a decision to buy a recliner the next step is further confusing,

Which color to choose?

What is going to be my budget?

After these questions the next thing that comes to our mind is which recliner to buy, power recliner or the manual recliner?

both the power and the manual recliners has its own plus and minuses, and here comes your question,

is power recliner better than manual? both has its unique features, the positives that the power recliner has may be missing in the manual, and at the same time manual recliners also have some positives which may be missing in the power recliner, to understand it better read it further.

Power Recliner Vs Manual Recliner

To help you to understand which one is best, we are going to compare the positives and negatives of both the recliners,


The first thing that comes to our mind while buying a product is its price, but actual thing that you should consider is its life,

The money that you spend for the recliner is not just for the product but also for its lifetime,

Considering life the power recliner has more durablity than the manual recliner because it has less wear and tear while compared to the manual.

Winner : power recliner.


When it comes to pricing the clear winner is the manual recliner.

power recliner is costlier than the manual, but as i said above the price is in second place while you consider buying a recliner,

But if you are in a budget you can definitely go with the manual recliner.

Winner: Manual Recliner.


When it comes to comfort, both are gonna give you the same feel and comfortness but it depends on the materials it has been built up with.

But the power recliners has more locking positions than the manual recliners so that you can place the power recliner in any position.

Winner: Power recliner.


Some of the power recliner can be used as a body massager, they has a vibrator mechanism in it which is extra added benefits, but the manual recliner can only be used as a recliner since the vibrating mechanism need power source and motor, the manual recliners can not be used as a massager.

Winner: Power Recliner.

Locking positions

The manual Recliners have very few locking positions which means you can lock the back of the recliner and the foot rest at few angles,

But, In the power recliner you can use the remote control to lock the recliner in whatever position you are in comfort with.

Winner: power recliner.


The power recliners undergo less wear and tear so that the maintenance period for the them are lower than the manual one, but in case if its parts failed to work it will take more cost to repair it since it has high expensive electonics parts but most companies provide you warranty for few years which you can use to repair it.

Manual Recliners are easy to wear and tear so they need more maintenance.

Winner:Power recliner.

Ease of use

Manual recliners are weightless and can be shifted anywhere easily,

On the other hand power recliners weigh more than the manual one because of the mechanisms installed in it, and the shifting process is tougher than the other one.

If you are not gonna change the position of the recliner now and then, the power recliner will be best suitable for you,

But if you are in the opposite situation, the manual recliner will be best suitable for you.

Winner: Manual Recliner.

Good for back pain

power recliners are good for back pain,


Since power recliners can be locked at any position you can lock it at the position where your back bone feel the it is comfortable.

Since power recliners are being operated with motors, they don’t need a manual work and also the head rest move back slowly when operated with the power so the people do not feel the back pain problem.

so it is highly recommended for the people suffering from back pain, they are also recommended for the elderly people who may struggle to use the manual recliner.

on the other hand the manual recliners are hard to achieve the comfortness that the power recliners give you.

Winner: Power Recliner.

Final words

Consider all the above points while you buy a recliner, if you are on a budget and you will change the poisition of the recliner now and then, go with the manual recliner,

the one more thing you should consider is, most of the power recliners need the place where the power source is present and it can not be moved to wherever you need,

and if you are going to buy it for elderly people and people suffering from back pain, go with a power recliner.

the answer to the question is power relciner better than manual is yes they are better than the manual recliners, and i would highly recommend the power recliner if budget is not an issue for you.

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