Best Way To Move Your Papasan Chair From Shop To Your Home.

One of my friend bought a papasan chair few years back, since the shop doesn’t support home delivery both free and paid, so he decided to call for a transport and he was shocked after hearing the price they asked, it was more than the money he spent for the papasan chair, so he decided to take it in his own car.

Here comes the question,

Will a papasan chair fit in a car? There can not be an one word answer for this question, luckily it fits into my friend’s car, but it really depends upon the size of your car and the cargo, in this article we are going to discuss which cars fits the papasan chairs and which doesn’t, we are also going to give you some other ways to move your chair if your car has a small cargo, keep reading.

Size of the papasan chair and the car Cargo

To know whether the papasan chair fit into my car we need to know the size of the chair and the car cargo,

Are all papsan chairs the same size?

No all the papasan chairs are not made of the same size, the one that my friend bought is roughly 38″x38″x30″ in inches which is roughly 25 cubic feet and this might not be the size of all the papsan chairs, it changes from brand to brand, you could ask the shop representative for the size of the chair and you could get an idea before you shift it to your home,

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Cargo capacity of the car

The car that my friend used to shift the papasan chair is Toyota prius which has a cargo capacity of 445 litres which is 27.4 cubic feet and also it has a 60/40 split folding rear seat so it is easy for him to place the chair inside,

now you can come to an conclusion that any car that has a 445 litre cargo capacity can hold the papasan chair, even there will be more space after you place the chair, but this doesn’t mean any car that has a capacity less than this will not fit the chair,

One more thing is almost all the SUVs can fit the papasan chair, because it has biggest space, when you fold the second and third row seat you can even get more space and place many objects,

we have a list of few cars that can fit the papasan chair in,

What are the cars that can fit the papasan chairs in?

Here is the list,

Car ModelTrunk Capacity
in cubic feet
Will papasan chair
fit in
Toyota Prius27.4Yes
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE30Yes
Toyota Sequoia18 normally and
127 when the seats are folded
Ford Expedition Max36 normally and 121.5
when seats are folded
Kia Soul Plus24.5No
Ford C-MAX Hybrid SE28Yes
Buick Encore Leather26Yes
Nissan Rogue39.3Yes
Honda CR-V38 approximatelyYes
Volkwagen GTI22.8 normally and
52.7 when seats foled

The above table will help you to decide whether your you can shift your papasan chair or not, if your can is not in the list you can conclude that if the cargo size of your car is more than 25 cubic feet, then it will fit inside your car,

If you are not sure about the cargo size of your car, just a google search with your car model name will give you the answer.

Other way to shift your papasan chair and any other furniture with your car

With the above info you can come to an conclusion that your car can hold the chiar or not, if it doesn’t fit into your car here are few other ways that you can use to shift the chair,

Using the Roof Top

Roof top is the other option that you can use to shift your papasan chair from shop to the house, make sure to tie them tightly so that they do not shake while the car move,

Before placing the chair on top of the car make sure to cover the roof top with blankets because there is a chance of it being scratched, so use it for the safety of the car,

And regarding the rope, make sure to use the sturdy and strong rope and not the elastic ones, they do not work on top of the car roof.

Final Words

We had spoken about the possible way to move the papasan chair from shop to your house, but this is not an easy job for the bigger furniture like couches, so whenever you buy a furniture make sure the shop has a door delivery option.