3 Things You Should Do Before You Use Your Dining Table Outside

Once in my house we had a get together with our relatives and so we decided to have a dinner in the yard, we had prepared everything and then we noticed that the table we use in our yard is not enough, 2 person doesn’t have place to sit, we decided to use the dining table and somehow managed the dinner and they left home.

It was a pleasant meeting after a long time and it would have messed up without that dining table, since you have doubt you came here for the answer right?

In this article im gonna answer all of your questions,

Can a dining table be used outside? Yes, it can be used outside, eventhough they were not made for the purpose of using it in your patio, making some changes to it and making it weather proof will help it withstand the weather and can be used outside, we are going to discuss what to do to use the dining table outside of your home.

Problem of using the dining table outside:

Usually the indoor furniture are made to survive the indoor environment which doesn’t have a hard weather, they are not exposure to the sun,

So they are made light weight with the woods like hardwood along with the veneer which are not suitable for using it in your patio,

The paints that are used it in are also suitable for the indoor purpose which is another drawback.

How do you weather proof a dining table to use it outside?

Now we have seen what are the difficulties in using the dining table outside and taking some steps can make the dining table a weather proof and helps to use it outside,

Here are the 3 things you should do,

1) Use epoxy sealer

Add one coating of epoxy sealer let it dry, and add another coating of marine warnish,

Using the sealer makes it waterproof and helps to withstand the rough and tough weather.

2) Use waterproof table cloth

The next thing you need to consider is adding a waterproof table cloth, since they are outside, so are exposed to the sun, moisture and dust, using a tablecloth that is water proof will protect it from the moisture especially when it is used near the pool,

When it is covered with the cloth, it is also protected from the sun and dust which may further damage the dining table.

3) Use patio umbrella

If you have a sunshade outside of your home there is no problem but if you don’t have use the patio umbrella to protect it from the sun, there are many options available on both online and offline stores pick the good and right one and cover the dining table from the sun,

Almost all parts has been done, you can now use your indoor dining table outside of your home.

Water proofing the table

As mentioned above, these measures will withstand the rough weather and one more thing to be talked about waterproofing it is, using poly urethane can make the patio furniture not water proof but water resistant.

How long will polyurethane last outside?

Polyurethane may last anywhere from 15 to 20 years

What is the best waterproof outdoor wood sealer?

Thompson water proof wood sealer can make your outdoor furniture water proof

can you leave wooden furniture outside?

If you make it water and weather proof, then yes you can leave the wooden furniture outside, life of the furniture may be lower than using it inside but you can leave it outside.

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