Should I Get A Chest Or Dresser?

People often get confused between a chest of drawer and a dresser, they get stuck whether to choose one or the other,

Eventhough they serve not exactly the same purpose but are pretty similar purposes, there are few differences between chest of drawer and the dresser, let’s see them in detail,

To decide whether to buy a chest or a dresser we need to know what they are,

How to identify Chest and a Dresser?

  • Chest of drawer is usually taller and narrow in design, they are specially designed to fit the smaller rooms, usually they are vertical with one drawer and rest are on top of each other,
  • On the other hand Dressers are horizontal and wide compared to the chest, they have multiple drawers side by side but they are shorter than the chest, dressers also comes with a bigger mirror on top of it.

Purpose of Chest and Dresser


Chests are usually made for the houses with smaller spaces, they are usually kept in the bedroom,

Initially it was made and used instead of suite cases which had drawers inside, and later it was made with just the drawers and are used to store various things.


Dressing table is shortly called as dressers, as the name indicates they are used for the dressing purposes and they had mirror on top of it which is used to do makeups and stuff,

Since they are larger in size, they can be stored in the living room, if your house has lot of spaces you can add this to fill up the space,

You can even use it to place the television on top of it.

Now let’s come to the point,

Should I Get A Chest Or Dresser?

Since both can be used to store your dresses, you need to consider these points to decide which one to choose,

If you are in need of saving spaces or your house is little tiny i would definitely recommend you to go with a Chest of Drawers,

If you have lot of extra spaces at your living room, Dresser will be best suitable for you, since it takes more space than the chest, it will be the perfect fit for your lifestyle too.

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