Why Does Wooden Furniture Creak Especially At Night?

Have you ever afraid of furniture making some weird creaky and squeaky noises in the midnight,

If your answer is yes, then you are not alone,

I had experienced this many times and even I had moved my furniture from my bedroom to the hall, LOL.

This has nothing to do with the evil spirit, actually, there is a physics behind this creaking sounds, we are going to explain it in detail,

Why Do Wooden Furniture Creak?

The wooden furniture creaks in two cases,

  1. When it gains heat
  2. When the furniture becomes old

1) When it gains heat

During the day due to hot weather the furniture absorbs the heat the particles inside the furniture absorbs energy and vibrates rapidly due to which the furniture expands, at night the weather becomes cool and the wood starts to shrink due to which the other parts come in contact with each other which makes a creaky noise at night.

2) When the furniture becomes old

In this case, when the furniture becomes old it automatically shrinks to a little extent and gap is formed between the joints, due to which it creates a creaky and squeaky noise while used, applying glue between the gaps and joints will be helpful to reduce the noise.

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