Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Cabinets plays a role not only in storing things but also for the decorative purposes, bathrooms usually have a wash basin with some storage space on top to store hand washes but it doesn’t have much place to store all other things like soaps, toilet cleaner, floor cleaner and other stuffs you use in your bathroom,

The bathroom medicine cabinets are made to fulfill the storage purpose in your bathroom, and it costs you few bucks to afford a best one,

We have made a list for you to buy the best one,

Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Mirrored bathroom medicine cabinets

1) (Best One) KOHLER Aluminum Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Oil-Rubbed Bronze Framed Mirror Door

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This product has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon with 200 customer reviews.

The overall dimensions of this cabinet is 20″W x 26″H x 5-3/8″D and the total product weigh 12 pounds.

Speaking about the material, It has 3 shelves made with the 2 adjustable tempered glass plate,

It is made with anodized aluminium and it is fully covered with mirror inside the cabinet, the door also has mirror installed on it with a frame with oil rubbed bronze.

The door is reversible which means it can be installed with right or left openings.

This cabinet can either be surface mounted or wall mounted, mounting it into the wall will give you a perfect look and also save some space for you.

The mirrors in both interior and exterior gives this medicine cabinet a premium finish and look,

Overall this product is another master piece from KOHLER, and it doesn’t disappoint me, and i hope it will be same for you too.

What i like

  • The fist thing i like is the material, it is made with the premium materials and gives an elegant look,
  • The door can be installed on both left and right sides,
  • It can be both wall mounted and surface mounted,
  • It has adjustable storage shelves,
  • Easy to install,

What i don’t like

  • Seriously speaking, i could not find any minus points in this medicine cabinet, and i’m sure you will agree me once you use it.

2) (Cheapest One) TANGKULA Mirrored Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

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This product has an average rating of 3.8 stara out of 5 on Amazon with more than 100 customer reviews.

This cabinet is made with mdf board with two shelves separated by a mdf board at the middle,

It can be wall mounted, which helps to save some space in your bathroom especially if your bathroom is small in size,

The cabinet door has a mirror mounted on it which gives a stylish look to the medicine cabinet and also to the bathroom.

What i like

  • The product is in the list of Amazon’s choice,
  • It is very cheap,
  • Easy to install,
  • Overall product quality is good,
  • The depth of the shelves is good enough to store the products you use daily,
  • The look is good and stylish,
  • Perfect one for the small bathrooms.

What i don’t like

  • The cabinet has lot of space to utilize but it has only one adjustable shelve, if it has two it will be awesome.

Corner Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

1) Renovators Supply Manufacturing Corner Medicine Cabinet

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This product has an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon and it’s being Amazon’s choice.

The dimensions of the product is 23-5/8″ High x 11-7/8″ Wide x 6-7/8″ Proj.

This cabinet is made of stainless steel material with fully polished surface,

It has three shelves with two stainless steel separators, it can be easily mounted on the wall, The depth of the cabinet that is attached to the wall is roughly 6 inches.

What i like

  • The polished stainless steel material resembles the mirror which i like about this cabinet,
  • It looks class,
  • Perfect for the bathrooms that doesn’t has much space at the center,
  • It can be used in bathroom as well as inside of your house,
  • Another best pick for the smaller bathrooms,
  • As stainless steel is water resistent, it is free from rust.

What i don’t like

  • The price is little bit higher than the other ones.

Lighted Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

1) HOMCOM 30” LED Illuminated Wall Mirror Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

wall mirror cabinets

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This product has an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

It is made up of stainless steel with with a sliding door,

The sliding door has mirror with thin led strip which helps to use the mirror without using the extra lights at your bathroom, the light has on and off switch at the side of the cabinet.

This product has three shelves which is sufficient to store the bathroom accessories.

The sliding door helps to use both cabinet and the mirror at the same time.

Make sure to leave some space near the cabinet so that it is free to slide the door,

What i like

  • The led light makes the bathroom better and gives a good feel while turned on,
  • Easy to assemble,
  • The mirror is beautiful,
  • The bottom shelve is higher than the other two shelves, so that it is easy to store some bigger products too,
  • Since it is made up of stainless steel, it is rust free,
  • The interior is also highly polished so that it reflects your face.

What i don’t like

  • The thing i don’t like is the switch at the side and cable on top, because it can’t be recessed inside the wall and it can only be wall mounted,
  • You can not place it next to a wall, there should be enough space for the door to slide.

Large bathroom medicine cabinets

1) Croydex Triple door medicine cabinet

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This product has an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon with more than 130 reviews and it’s being Amazon’s choice.

If you are looking for a large sized cabinet, and you have a bigger bathroom, then this product is definitely for you.

This product is 30 X 36 inches in size with three doors and it also has 30 X 48 inches piece to, you can choose according to your need.

This is also made with the stainless steel material with mirrors on the doors which gives an elite look to your bathroom.

What i like

  • The first thing i like is it bulkiness, it made a huge difference in the bathroom, especially the mirror is awesome,
  • Easy to install,
  • Look is amazing.

What i don’t like

  • The one thing i don’t like is this huge cabinet has only 3 shelves, i would be nice if it has 5 shelves since it has lot of space it is ok to add two more shelves to it.

2) KOHLER Frameless Double Door Aluminum Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

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The next large cabinet in our list is this, it has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon with more than 250 customer reviews and its being Amazon’s choice too.

This product is fully covered with the mirror same as the above mentioned kohler’s product, it looks amazing and the size makes it even more attractive,

This double door medicine cabinet is made up of aluminium which makes it light weight and free from rust.

What i like

  • It looks huge and amazing,
  • Highly recommened for the bigger bathrooms,
  • Has more storage options,
  • Kohler is a promising brand and never dissatisfied me till now.

What i don’t like

  • As mentioned above, this also has only three shelves, it may have atleast 4 shelves.


The above listed are the best bathroom medicine cabinets in all the categories from smaller to larger and from cheaper to the best ones, we would like to hear your thoughts on this list, and which is the best cabinet according to you from the list, do mention it in the comments.

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