The Only Best Outdoor Storage Bench – Review

The outdoor furnitures plays a major role in spending your summer, people love to spend their evenings with their family in their garden,

Playing with children and having a cup of tea with a fun conversation, what you need more than this, this is the happiest life a man can experience,

If you wanna spend your time outdoor in the garden, you will need furniture to sit and relax,

For storing the things like bat, ball and all other playing things you will need storage box because storing everything inside your house may be difficult and consumes some extra spaces too, and there are lot of storage deck boxes available online,

What if both the bench and storage are combined, it is not only a space saver it is also a money saver for you,

The best outdoor storage bench that i recommend is

Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box for Patio Decor and Outdoor Seating

I bought this storage bench one year back and i’m completely happy with its performance, i have been using it for a while and i completely know the plus and minus of this product and i’m gonna share it with you,

While searching for a storage bench i was going through lots of products in this category,

When i saw this product the first thing i noticed was the seller has got the Amazon best seller rank of #1 in this category which gave a huge hope that i’m gonna buy the best one,

Next thing i saw was this product has got an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 with more than 4000 customer reviews which is a good sign, which means most of the users have had a good experience with this product.

Now i’m gonna answer all the questions that you might have in your mind before you buy,

Size of this outdoor storage bench is 54 inches in length, 23 inches in width and 32 inches in height approximately,

Speaking about the inside size of the storage, the dimensions are 50 in. L x 19 in. W x 15 in. H Approximately.

The storage is waterproof, the only issue i saw is it collects a small amount of rain drops on the seat so if you open the box it may get inside the storage box, so you need to wipe the bench before you open the box.

This bench is made in plastic and it is free from rust, dent and peeling.

This may not travel through your whole life but it can be used for a decent period of time from what i saw and it is the best one in this price range.

I ordered a 49 inches X 18 inches cushion and it fits the bench perfectly, the cushion is also a decent product but i ordered it in my nearby store.

Weight capacity of the bench is 350kgs approximately and the weight capacity of the storage is limited to 35kgs and its fine for me, i store not only the playing things but also the garedening tools like grass cutter and other tools

What i like about this outdoor storage bench

  • The first thing i like is its price, it is very cheaper than the other storage benches of having the same properties,
  • Light weight, it is very easy to shift it from one place to another, i keep on changing the places in the garden, if you are a person of my kind then this is the best one to consider,
  • The design is awesome,
  • The storage box is as deep as it can hold lots of things,
  • Durable and strong,
  • You can use padlocks to lock the box for the safety purpose,
  • You can store things of upto 70 gallons,
  • The assembling process is also easy for me to follow, follow the instructions carefully, and make sure you assemble it on a flat floor because doing it on an uneven floor may mismatch the screws.

What i don’t like

  • Eventhough the material is strong enough, still i doubt on the life of this bench, because it is exposure to sun and rain, let me wait and see for few years but until now i don’t have any issue with it,
  • The screws did not line up properly while assembling it but it looks nice after it is assembled.


This is the best outdoor storage bench according to my experience and i’m happy with the product, stay tuned for the further update on this product, keep an eye on this post, comment if you have used any other best ones in the comment box i would like to check it out.

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