Best Curio Cabinets Reviews

Curio cabinets is a specialised type of display case used to display the highly valuable collections, they are made with glass covered by the wooden or steel frames to support the glasses,

Mostly curio cabinets are made with glasses on the all four sides and some of them have a mirror at the back to enhance the look of the collections.

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There are different types of curio cabinets available online both in wooden finish and metal finish, here we are gonna show you the best ones.

Best Curio Cabinets

(Cheap one) – 3-Shelf Glass Curio Cabinet

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This is the cheapest curio canbinet that we had come across, this product has an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon with more than 800 customer reviews and its being amazon’s choice.

It has 3 glass shelves with each having a weight capacity of 33 lbs, it is covered by glass on 4 sides with a supporting frames between it, and is small in size.

The top and bottom are made in wood with plastic laminated on it.

The glass door has magnet to hold it from opening and it doesn’t comes with a safety lock so if you want to keep a costly collection this doesn’t provide any security form theft,

apart from that the look is awesome and the black colored frame, top and bottom looks great and i love it.

What is like

  • Cost is very cheap and worth for the money you spend,
  • Looks attractive,
  • If you want to keep a bigger collection, you could remove one or even two shelves inorder to make space for the bigger one,
  • It is very stable, even placing it on a carpet will not make it fall for any reason,
  • The inside of the cabnet is dust proof but not outside, regular cleaning may be required if you are in a heavy dust area.

What i don’t like

  • The cabinet does not have safety lock which is very important if you have a costly collection,
  • The assembly part requires some time than the other ones,
  • The cabinet does not have lights in it.

(Value for Money) – 4-Shelf Glass Curio Cabinet Cappuccino and Clear

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This product has an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon with more than 300 customer reviews.

The materials are almost same as the above one except it doesn’t have the frames in between the glass shelves instead it has a bit of space at the corners and wooden top and bottom with plastic lamination on it.

If you wanna place the led lights this 0.2 mm gap will be helpful to enhance the cabinet.

What i like

  • The look is awesome without any frames in between the shelves like the first one,
  • Easy to assemble, but differentiating the door and the back side of the cabinet is little difficult, you need to examine it carefully before assembling it,
  • It has four shelves,
  • The glass is strong enough to hold weight of upto 26 lbs,
  • It is worth for the money you spend on it.

What i don’t like

  • This cabinet does not have light in it, you need to add it if you want.

(Best One) – Home Decorators Collection Vitric Lighted Curio

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Now i’m gonna show you the best one in my list,

This product has an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on amazon with more than 400 customer reviews.

This product is made with both real and pressed wood with two cabinets separated by another wooden support in center,

This lighted curio cabinet is best suitable for the corner of the house, it decorates the corner well.

The top cabinet has 3 shelves and the bottom one have two shelves, the shelves are made with the glass.

This curio cabinet comes in two different colors gold and mahogany, both looks pleasing.

Both top and the bottom cabinet has two separate doors with handle.

It has light on top and does not lights the bottom cabinet which is a little drawback of the product.

This product has mirrored glass panel at the back which enhances the look of the collections inside.

What i like

  • The look is awesome,
  • The best one i have ever seen,
  • It has light at top which makes the collections look beautiful,
  • It has glass shelves in between the canbinets,
  • The material is good and the product is also sturdy,
  • The majority of the wooden pieces are real one and very few are the pressed woods,
  • Very easy to assemble.

What i don’t like

  • As the above ones this also does not have safety lock,
  • The price is little expensive but it is value for the money.


The above mentioned are the best curio cabinets, the one i like is the 3rd one it looks awesome and best suites my home and add value to the collectives i have, if you are on a budget then go for the 1st one, it is very cheap still best one,

Just curious to know what is the best collection that you have, please drop the answer in the comments, and if you want me to assist you get the good one please do contact me in the email [email protected].

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