Does vinegar hurt leather?

Does vinegar hurt leather?Yes, vinegar hurts leather. If you use raw vinegar or do not mix it properly with water, it may lead to damage to your leather.

Vinegar is known as the best cleaning agent used in a kitchen. But in the case of leather materials or leather sofas.Vinegar contains acetic acid. The acetic acid in vinegar damages the leather and it may dry your leather.

But if you correctly use vinegar. Then vinegar is the best DIY solution for tough stains on your leather. so before you go to use vinegar on your leather, make sure you mix it in water in proper way.

How to use

Vinegar can remove the tough stains and salt on your leather. Take one part vinegar and one part water and mix it well. Now you can use this DIY solution on your stains. It may clean your leather very well. But too much vinegar can damage and dry your leather. So make sure to take one part vinegar and one part water.

If you don’t dilute the vinegar with water then you don’t leave the vinegar on your leather for too long. Spray vinegar on your leather and clean it with a soft cloth. If you leave the vinegar on your leather material it may dry and damage your leather.

Will vinegar take the color out of leather?

It is based on which type of vinegar you use on your leather. There are many types of vinegar are we used in our kitchen.

  • White vinegar
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Wine vinegar
  • Rice vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

If you use apple cider vinegar on your leather it doesn’t make damage or discolor the leather. Using the mixing combination of apple cider vinegar and water may reduce the stain and salt in your leather.

White vinegar

If you use white vinegar then the risk is high. Because white vinegar was very strong, if you not diluted properly it may damage and discolor your leather.

Wine vinegar

Try to avoid wine vinegar on your leather. There is a high risk in this type of vinegar. It’s made up of red wine or white wine. Wine contains tannins-a substance it may discolor your leather.

Rice vinegar

It’s made from fermented rice. It was very gentle it doesn’t discolor your leather. Compared to other vinegar, it’s very safe to use on leather.


Try to avoid white vinegar on your leather. In case you use white vinegar dilute with water properly. Better you can use water or leather cleaning solution on your leather. Rice vinegar was very gentle and recommended for the stains. In the case of tough stains, you can use diluted white vinegar or leather cleaning solution.

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