Can you use carpet cleaner on couch

Can you use carpet cleaner on couch?Yes, You can use a carpet cleaner to clean your couch. But make sure to check your carpet cleaner is good one.Because sometimes your carpet cleaner may damage your costly couches.

What is carpet cleaner?

Carpet cleaners mean a combination things of cleaning solutions, Most powerful scrubbing brushes, and vacuum suction. Which is used to remove dirt and stains on a carpet.It’s also called a carpet extractor or carpet shampooer.

How does carpet cleaner work?

Spray the cleaning solution on a carpet and soak it with a solution for 15 or 20 minutes. After the carpet soaks it well with the cleaning solution then, use a carpet cleaner to suck the water into the carpet and extract the dirt and stains with a high-powered vacuum. This is how a carpet cleaner works on a carpet.

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How does carpet cleaner work on couches

Here are few steps to clean a couch with a carpet cleaner. Before going into the cleaning process make sure to check your couches and instructions are given along with a couch because if you make any mistake, it will affect your costly couches then, you may be paying lots amount to fix it.


First, vacuum your couch properly make sure to remove all dust and pet hair on your couch cleaned well.
Vacuum the couch is the initial cleaning process so make sure you do it well.

Cleaning solution

Use a cleaning solution to remove difficult stains. Sometimes cleaning solutions have a high amount of chemicals that can damage your couch so, before using your cleaning solution applies the backside of the couch to test whether it is okay or not.

Fill carpet cleaning solution on your carpet cleaner device. Mix the solution with the water and spray throughout the couch. After 15 to 20 mins you can wipe it out. If your carpet cleaning solution was stronger mix it with a proper amount of water because if it uses Without mixing properly it may create white spots on your couch.

Cleaning solution code

Here I mentioned some cleaning solution code
W-Water and water based solutions
Ws-Water based solvents
S- water free dry solvents
X-contact higher professional to cleaning
Water based solutions are best choice. it’s very safe to use on your couches.

DIY cleaning solution

It’s hard to remove pet urine stains and odors. In that case, You can use baking soda. Baking soda can remove the pet’s urine from the couch. It’s not highly recommended but, if you need it you can try it.

Take some baking soda mix it with water and use a spray bottle to spray the mix. Soak it for 15 minutes then vacuum your couch again.

How long does it take a couch to dry?

It takes 2 to 4 hours on average time to dry after the cleaning process.By using the fan to increase the air circulation to dry your couch fast.

Carpet cleaning vs upholstery cleaning

Carpet cleaning only involved carpet-based material but in the case of upholstery cleaning involves furniture’s fabric.
Upholstery is made up of synthetic, nylon, or acrylic material and the carpet cleaner are made up of wool or silk.


Yes, you can use carpet cleaner for your couches. Make sure to use the correct cleaning solution to avoid damage to your couches.

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