Can you restuff couch coushions

Can you restuff couch coushions?Yes, You can restuff your couch cushions.Yes, You can restuff your couch cushions. When your couch looks bad are damaged you can’t continue to use that couch. But you can’t throw it away easily because you spend lots of amounts to buy that couch. Make your couch brand new by restuffing your couch cushions.

How can i make my sofa cushions firm again?

There are few steps to restuff your couch cushions. If you want to restuff your couches or you have an idea to change your cushion stuff then follow the steps it will help you.

Remove cushions

The first step is to remove your cushions from the couch. Remove your couch for cleaning purposes. Then clean the couch well by using brush or other cleaning equipment. Remove all dirt from the couch.

Unzip the cushion

Unzip the couch cushions to pull out the old stuff in the cushion. After removing the stuff clean it well inside the cushion covers.

Measure foam size

After removing of couch cushion stuff measure the cushion cover to cut the foam for restuffing. Cut the foam exactly what size you need.

Use adhesive spray

Use spray adhesive before you fill with the foam in the cushion cover.

What is adhesive spray?

Any substance that is used to hold material is called adhesive. It’s also called glue, paste.Use spray adhesive for holding a foam tight.

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Insert foam inside the cushion cover

After using adhesive spray insert the foam. Fill the foam evenly after finishing the stuffing process complete, then Re-zip cushion cover properly.

Unzip back cushions

Unzip the back cushions cover to fill the polyfill. Add polyfill to the cushion cover until it looks fluffy.

What is polyfill Matrial?

Polyfill is made up of polyester that is used to stuff material in the couches, pillows, and beds. It’s very soft and fluffy.

After adding polyfill to the couch’s backside re-zip the cushion cover.

Replace cushions

After all the cushions are restuffed replace the cushions on the couch.
Now your couch looks clean and new.

How much does it cost to restuff a couch?

If you do restuff by yourself then you can save some money. The average fabric cost is $60 to $70 per yard. After buying fabric you can restuff it with yourself.
If you do not restuff by yourself then you will call labor. The labor cost was $60 to $80 per hour.


Yes, You can restuff your couch cushions. Follow the above steps to restuff the couch cushions. You don’t need to throw the coach if its cushions are torn or damaged try to restuff and use. You can save lots of money from buying a new couch.

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