Can a baseboard heater cause a fire?

Can a baseboard heater cause a fire?There are two types of baseboard heater one is an electric baseboard heater and the other is a hot water baseboard heater. There is a high risk of catch fire in the case of an electric baseboard heater compared than a hot water baseboard heater Why does baseboard heater … Read more

can curtains cover baseboard heat?

can curtains cover baseboard heat? the straight answer to the question is, curtains can not cover the baseboard heat, as the electric baseboard heater has the higher probability to catch fire Curtains should never be hung over the baseboard heater, it should be 3 to 4 inches above the heater, this is the minimum distance … Read more

Can pex be used for baseboard heating

can PEX be used for baseboard heating? Yes, PEX is a good choice for the baseboard heater. the pex pipe is specifically designed for supplying both hot and cold water, it is one of the good alternatives for copper and cpvc piping, and they are made for closed loop heating systems like baseboards, radiant floor … Read more