Why does my baseboard heater make a banging noise?

Why does my baseboard heater make a banging noise? When the zone valve closes too quickly in the air system then the banging sound is created in the baseboard heater. Correct pressure to be maintained in the boiler is 12 to 20 PSI. If the pressure high or low there will be sound in the heater.

How do i stop my baseboard heater from banging noise?

Here are a few steps to stop the baseboard heater from making a banging noise.

Step 1:

Turn off the heating system. Check whether the heating system is turned off then drain water from the baseboard pipes.

Step 2:

Correct the positioning of the baseboard heater. The baseboard heater should be 3 inches above the floor or carpet. So better check whether the heater is placed in the correct position.

Step 3:

After confirming the electricity was off and the heater get cool you can clean the baseboard heater. Use a paintbrush to clean the dust from the heater. You can also use the fork or finger to clear the dust between the plates which are placed in the heater. Try to straight the plate and make space between the plates.

Step 4:

Adjusting screws can stop the noise from the baseboard heater. Sometimes loosening or tightening the screws can reduce the banging noise so Check if the screws are perfectly fixed.


It’s normal for baseboard heaters to be noisy. Try it all above the things still, it doesn’t work, try to change the baseboard heater or contact your technician for better clarification.

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