can curtains cover baseboard heat?

can curtains cover baseboard heat? the straight answer to the question is, curtains can not cover the baseboard heat, as the electric baseboard heater has the higher probability to catch fire Curtains should never be hung over the baseboard heater, it should be 3 to 4 inches above the heater, this is the minimum distance between curtains and baseboard heater to avoid any fire accident.

Can curtains cover hot water baseboard heat?

Hot water baseboard heaters also has the ability to catch fire, so the curtains should not be placed over the hot water baseboard as well.

how curtains can be hung over baseboard heaters?

Best way to install curtains or draperies above baseboard heater is, leave 3 to 4 inch space above the baseboard and install the curtain rod, but if you ask me, i would advice you to totally avoid curtains above the baseboard heater,

Check the baseboard two times everyday in the morning and before going to bed to make the probability of accident nearly zero,

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