Can i paint baseboard covers?

Can i paint baseboard covers?Yes, you can paint your baseboard heater covers.

The main reason why people paint their baseboard heater covers is rust. And another reason was not looking good. If the baseboard heater was old then it’s got some rust and the covers wast not looking good. It will spoil your entire home look so you can paint your baseboard heater covers.

Is it safe to paint baseboard heaters?

It’s not a big deal but you paint the proper way and follow the instructions properly. You must choose heat-resistant paint for your baseboard covers.

Can we use regular paint on baseboard covers?

It’s okay to paint your hot water baseboard heater with normal paint. But using heat-resistant paint is the best idea. It can protect your baseboard heater from a high amount of heat.

What kind of paint do you use on a baseboard heaters?

There are two types of baseboard heater there one is a hot water baseboard heater and another one is an electric baseboard heater.
In the case of a hot water baseboard heater, they don’t get hot that much so first you can apply metal primer after this process you can use any kind of paint.

The second type is an electric baseboard heater. In the case of the heating unit, it gets very hot so you can’t use regular paint. You can use special heat-resistant paints.
Before you paint your baseboard heater cover choose your paint correctly based on which type of baseboard heater you use.

What is heat resistant paint?

Heat-resistant paint is specially made up to withstand high heat.
Heat-resistant paint can tolerate up to 750 degree Celsius. So heat resistant paint is the best choice for electric baseboard heaters.

Things you check before painting your baseboard cover:

Before going to paint the baseboard cover make Sure the heating system is off. Then cool your heating system. After you check the heating system is kept cold you can start to paint your baseboard cover.

What are the things you’ll need to paint your cover?

Wire brush

A wire brush is a tool That is made up of steel wire and is used to clean metal items.


Sandpaper is used to remove the rust and unwanted dirt on the surface and smooth the surface.

Degreasing cleaner

Degreasing cleaner is used to clean the oil dirt and any other dirt.

Painters tape

painters tape means pressure-sensitive tape which is made up of thin material and it’s easy to tear.

Rust-inhibiting Metal primer

A primer is used to cover the rust and damaged surface area.

Rust-inhibiting metal paint

Rust-inhibiting metal paint is used to prevent surface area from the rust.

Paint thinner

A thinner is used to reduce the thickness of the oil-based paint.

How to paint baseboard heating units:

First clean the surface area by using the wire brush, which is used to remove the dust in the baseboard heater. After removing the dust use sandpaper to clean the rust in the baseboard heater cover. By using sandpaper you can be smoothing the surface. After finishing the smoothing process use degreasing cleaner to remove oil dirt from the baseboard cover.

Once the cleaning process done,applies the metal primer which can cover the rust and damage in the baseboard cover. Then use rust-inhibiting metal paint and cover the full surface area of the baseboard heater cover. After completing the painting process use thinner to reduce the thickness of the paint.


If you like to paint or it looks not good then you can paint your baseboard heater cover. Never forget to know the basic things for this painting process.

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