How can i lower my electric bill with baseboard heat?

Does baseboard heat use a lot of electricity?

Yes, the Baseboard heater uses a huge amount of electricity especially the electric baseboard heater use lot of electricity compared to the hot water baseboard heater.

It’s not an easy deal to reduce the electricity bill by using an electric baseboard heater but you can apply some tricks to reduce a little amount of electricity bill.


Make sure to clean your baseboard heater regularly. Too much dust on the heater will slow down the heat.

So it takes so much electricity and so much time to heat the room. Clean your baseboard heater properly and maintain them a good condition.

Practice zone heating

What is a zone heating system?Zone heating system which is used to control the temperature
Of every room. Turn it down the heat If you are not using the room. It may help to reduce current.

Open the window

Open the window and allow sunlight directly to the home it may warm your home.

Use thermostat

Use the thermostat along with your baseboard heater. A thermostat is used to maintain the temperature properly. So it can avoid the overheating of baseboard heater so you can reduce your electricity bill.

Run appliances at night

Run your home appliances at night. It may create some heat and maintain your home warm.

Turn on your ceiling fan

Try to turn on your ceiling fan. It spread the hot air down and maintains the home warm.

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