Can’t get cat urine smell out of couch

If you have pet animals, the main problem was, they can pee on your couches or furniture. It’s difficult to remove the urine smell on couches, Especially if you have a cat, it’s not easy to remove the urine smell on your couches. But it can be removable. By using cat urine remover solution, the … Read more

Can tear in a leather coach be repaired?

Can tears in a leather coach be repaired? A tears on the leather couch can be repaired. By, using leather tape, adhesive glue, or leather filler the tears, cuts, and small puncher on your leather can be fixed. Based on the damaged size of your couch the fixing material can be used. If you have … Read more

Can you steam clean a couch?

Can you steam clean a couch?Steam cleaning is used to clean dirt, stubborn stains, dust, soil, and pet urine. It’s also helped to sanitize your couch. Clean your upholstery and Couches are not as much easy. Pets’ urine and odour are hard to remove. Steam cleaning is the best choice to use for your upholstery. … Read more

Can you paint a couch?

Can you paint a couch?Yes, You can paint your couch. All you need is to know what kind of fabric was used to make up your couch. There are lots of upholstery paints are available. you can pick the one that is suitable for your couch. Most commonly upholstery spray paint is used to paint … Read more

Can you restuff couch coushions

Can you restuff couch coushions?Yes, You can restuff your couch cushions.Yes, You can restuff your couch cushions. When your couch looks bad are damaged you can’t continue to use that couch. But you can’t throw it away easily because you spend lots of amounts to buy that couch. Make your couch brand new by restuffing … Read more

Can you use carpet cleaner on couch

Can you use carpet cleaner on couch?Yes, You can use a carpet cleaner to clean your couch. But make sure to check your carpet cleaner is good one.Because sometimes your carpet cleaner may damage your costly couches. What is carpet cleaner? Carpet cleaners mean a combination things of cleaning solutions, Most powerful scrubbing brushes, and … Read more

Can console table be taller than couch?

Can console table be taller than couch?The answer is No, Console table should be no taller than a couch. So make sure your console table is smaller than your couch. What is console table? A tabletop that is supported by ornamented brackets is called a console table. It’s normally placed against the wall. If the … Read more