Can’t get cat urine smell out of couch

If you have pet animals, the main problem was, they can pee on your couches or furniture. It’s difficult to remove the urine smell on couches, Especially if you have a cat, it’s not easy to remove the urine smell on your couches.

But it can be removable. By using cat urine remover solution, the smell on your couch is easy to remove. If you don’t have any cats easy to remove the urine smell by using DIY solutions.

Why cat pee smells so bad?

Cat urine contains urea, uric acid, sodium, other electrolytes, creatinine, pheromones, and bacteria. That’s why a cat’s urine smells so bad. And cats drink only a little amount of water compared to dogs and other animals it’s also one reason for odor.

Why cats pee on your couch?

If your cat pees suddenly on your couch or furniture it may be anxiety or stress. If someone new peoples are at your home, it may create some anxiety or stress on your cats that’s why their urinate rotation is changed.

How do i get pee out of a couch?

Using some homemade solution, You can easily remove the cat urine odor.


Vinegar is the best natural solution for cat pee removal from your couch. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals so, it’s very safe to use.Vinegar is, used to kill the bacteria in the cat urine and remove the odor instantly.

How to use?

Mix vinegar with some amount of warm water. Before going to use mix it well. Use a spray bottle to spray the mix. Leave it 20 to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes use a cloth to clean that area. Repeat the process until the urine smell is gone.

2)Baking soda

Baking soda is also the best homemade solution to remove cat urine on your couches. If your couches are on the outside or under the sun then, baking soda is the best choice to remove stains and cat pee odor.

How to use?

Put a little amount of baking soda on the stain and leave it dry for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes clean the area gently. If still the odor was there use the mixing solution of baking soda and vinegar. Apply the solution by using a spray bottle and leave it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes vacuum your couch.

3)Enzyme cleaner

Enzyme cleaner is used to clean urine stains and food stains. Which is also used to remove the odor also. It contains beneficial bacteria that emit enzymes to break down the molecules. So you can use an enzyme cleaner to remove the cat pee on your couch.

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How do you get rid of stubborn cat urine smell?

If you can’t remove stubborn stains and odor on your couches. Use cat urine remover. It can help to remove the odor from your couches.

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DIY solution

Use baking soda with hydrogen peroxide mix to clean the stubborn odor. Hydrogen peroxide is antibacterial and used to remove stainless. Use this mix on stains, and leave it for 30 minutes then, vacuum your couches. It helps to remove odor and stains.

How long does cat urine odor last?

Cat urine contains a high odor. It lasts up to 3 days. Better you remove it immediately because it smells very bad. And removing stains is also difficult.


You can get out of cat urine smell. By using baking soda and vinegar, you can easily remove the odor and stains on your couches.

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