Can you steam clean a couch?

Can you steam clean a couch?Steam cleaning is used to clean dirt, stubborn stains, dust, soil, and pet urine. It’s also helped to sanitize your couch. Clean your upholstery and Couches are not as much easy. Pets’ urine and odour are hard to remove. Steam cleaning is the best choice to use for your upholstery.

Preparation for steam cleaning

Before you are going to steam clean your couch you need to prepare. know about your couch material before you are going to clean it because every material has some difficulty cleaning.

Check your furniture label

Make sure you can steam clean your couch material. Before you are going to steam, check your furniture label. On the label, They mentioned what type of substance you can use.

W- water
S- Solvent based cleaner
WS- Water or Solvent based cleaner
X- Vacuum

Never forget to check your furniture label before you are going to clean. If you use the wrong solvent, it will damage your couch material.


Use a brush or vacuum to remove the dust, soil, and pet hair. Preparation of your couch is a must-needed thing you can do. Before you use any solvent make sure to vacuum your couch properly.


Pre-treat your stubborn stains with scrubbing is the important thing. Spot out the stubborn stains on your couch then use the scrubber to scrub the stain. Because sometimes steam cannot remove the stubborn stain. Pre-treat your stubborn stain is must needed thing.

Use steam cleaner

Use the cleaner on your couch and soak it for some time. After scrubbing the stubborn stain use a thin layer of cleaning solution or soap water and leave it for an hour. It’s helped to remove stubborn stains on your couch.

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Choose your steam cleaner

Choose your steam cleaner correctly. If your steam cleaner was too big then handling was too difficult, If your steam cleaner was too small then it can’t clean properly. So choose your steam cleaner correctly. Most of the cleaning unit was very easy to handle. Many units work with water. If you choose a heavy solvent cleaning unit, it may damage your upholstery. So choose your steam cleaner wisely.

Start to clean

Choose the right attachment for your cleaning unit based on what type of material is used in the upholstery. If you choose the wrong attachment to your cleaner, it may damage your upholstery.

Start to clean with the cushions. Make sure to Clean your cushions very well. After you clean your cushions, you may clean the opposite side of the cushions.

Stubborn stains

After complete your steam cleaning then notice if any stubborn stains are still on your couches.

If you spot any stubborn stains use any cleaning solution and scrub it gently. And rinse the sponge with water to clean the soap solution. If the cleaning solution won’t work on the stubborn stain, then try the DIY cleaning solution which I mentioned below.

DIY cleaning solution

Try to use white and Apple cider vinegar to clean the stains. Soak a clean white cloth and blot the stain. You can use vodka and baking soda if you don’t have vinegar. Use this DIY solution on your stubborn stain rub it gently and leave it to dry. After the solution was dry then vacuum your couch.

Dry your couch

After completing your steam cleaning try to dry your couch. Open your window and use your fan to dry your couches. Use a dry towel or dry cloth to dry your couches.

Is steam cleaning good for your couches?

If you want to clean your couch, then steam cleaning is the best choice. Steam can remove the dirt, and stubborn stains in your coach easily. Steam cleaning considers very safely compared than any other cleaning process.

How often should you steam clean your couch?

Cleaning your couch at least once a year is a must. If you spot any pet urine or any stubborn stains, then you try to remove them immediately. Because it makes damage your couch and creates some odour.

How long does it take to steam clean a couch?

The average time it takes to steam clean your couches is 30 to 60 minutes. It may vary based on your couch material and what kind of steam cleaner you use.


If your couches have dirt, soil, and stubborn stains, then steam cleaning is the best choice to remove these things. Before going to clean your coach make sure to know about your couch material very well. Also, know about Which type of cleaner you can use on your couch and which type of cleaning solution you can use is the most important thing.

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