Can you use wood for baseboard heater covers?

Can you use wood for baseboard heater covers?Yes, You can use wood for baseboard heater covers. But it’s not efficient compared to other material covers.But there is also some risk to using wood cover for baseboard heater because there is a chance of catching up the fire.

Are wooden baseboard covers are safe?

Wood can absorb the heat, It does not heat the room it’s considered as not efficient.
Covering baseboard heaters with flammable materials are high risk of catching fire. But choosing high heat tolerance material is considered safe. choose your wood material correctly and make it appropriately is reduce the risk of catching fire.If you use a wooden cover for the hot water baseboard heater the risk is low compared to electric baseboard heater.

If you don’t use proper wooden material for baseboard heater covers then it’s easy to absorb the high heat and, It’s easy to catch fire. If you do not maintain your baseboard heater properly then there are a lot of risks you
can face.

Plastic baseboard covers

There are few plastic baseboard heater covers are available on market. But it’s not efficient. It looks like very thin there is a lot of chance to heat fire. It can be melted very easily. So using plastic cover for baseboard heater it’s not a good idea and not efficient Compared to metal baseboard covers.

Metal baseboard heater covers

Metal covers are more efficient compared to plastic baseboard heater covers and wood baseboard heater covers. Using metal galvanized steel cover for your baseboard heater is the best idea ever. Its most efficient and durable.

What is galvanized steel?

Galvanized steel is made up of zinc-coated material. which is high rust-proof.

Use a Metal baseboard heater cover because it has a high thermal conductivity level so it’s considered safe compared to plastic baseboard heater covers. Not only it’s high thermal conductivity it’s more efficient and durable.

Compared to other materials metal has a high thermal conductivity level. Here is a list of all material thermal conductivity level.

Plastic – 0.25 W/mK
Wood – 0.15 W/mK
Metal – 43.0 W/mK

Now you can clearly understand metal has a high thermal conductivity level. So a metal baseboard cover is the best idea ever.

Melting point

Metal has a high melting point compared to plastic and wood. plastic has a very low melting point so it can melt easily. Wood has a chance to catch up the fire. So metal is safe.


Yes, you can use wood for baseboard covers. But check the safety things before you cover your baseboard with wood material. Metal is the best choice compared to other material baseboard heater covers.

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